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    Tama Superstar mahogany bop Kit - what to pay?

    Thanks levelpebble. Your aquamarine kit is the best of the best.
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    1939 Radio King Butt Plate Question

    Thank you everyone for your responses, very much appreciated.
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    Tama Superstar mahogany bop Kit - what to pay?

    Here is my original 1985 Superstar bop kit 18/12/14 in piano black with a 1980 Tama Bell Brass 6.5x14.
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    1939 Radio King Butt Plate Question

    Hello. I have a 1939 6.5x14 RK snare. I'm trying to figure out how to attach the snare wire cord to the butt plate side. Can't seem to figure it out, or I'm blind. Anyone have the same setup? Thanks in advance.....Rudy
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    1st Annual Las Vegas Drum Show

    Hello Everyone, My name is Rudy and I am organizing the 1st Annual Las Vegas Drum Show being held on 3/20/2021 at the Univeristy of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Student Union Building from 10am-5pm. The is the first event of its kind in Las Vegas and quite the undertaking. I recently made the...
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    Anyone know who owns this Gretsch burnt orange kit?

    I have seen this kit on the Internet now for a while and would like to contact the owner. Just throwing it out there in the event anyone has any info. Thanks in advance. Rudy
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    2007 YAMAHA 40th ANNIVERSARY 6.5 x 13 “PHOENIX” (#1 of 40)

    Here is the complete 2007 40th Anniversary kit, residing in Las Vegas. Includes matching 6.5x14 snare.
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    1960 Ludwig Transition Badge Downbeat Outfit No. 988P in Oyster Pink Pearl

    Mark...well done, along with a great attitude. I know you are not much into having a booth at a drumshow, but it would be nice if you tried it one day. Many people would really enjoy to see your collection in person. I can only imagine what it would be like for someone, especially a young...
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    Tips for cleaning a 1980 Bronze Supraphonic

    Just wondering what to use to clean the bronze shell. Thanks for your time. Rudy
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    Rogers Restoration 1963 SwingTime No. 1807 Outfit in Blue Onyx Pearl

    Beautiful kit Mark. Hope to see you at this year's HDS. Rudy
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    WTB: 1980s Tama Superstar toms (small sizes) in black lacquer

    Looking for Superstar toms (no concert toms) in smaller sizes. I currently have an 8x12, so I'm looking for smaller than that. Black lacquer finish. Thank you.
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    Gretsch Caddy Green Re-issue questions.....

    Hello DFO, I have two of these kits. Each drum has the paper tag inside with a serial number for that particular anniversary kit. I am not referring to the traditional Gretsch serial number which indicates what type (size) drum it is. One kit has consecutive numbering. The other kit has 3...
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    Todd Sucherman came to my house to check out my Drum Room

    Slade came over last April. Last month, Todd came over and Slade happened to be in Vegas to attend the Styx show so he also stopped by.
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    Todd Sucherman came to my house to check out my Drum Room

    About month ago, Todd Sucherman from Styx and Chris Slade from AC/DC came to my house for dinner and to check out my drum room and collection. Todd Played all the kits I had setup. We had a great time talking about all kinds of stuff. A true gentleman. Styx was in town for 1 week playing at...
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    Real deal Billy Gladestone snare.....Holy Grail

    Similar, but different drums. The one on Reverb is a Gretsch Gladstone, the one inside the acrylic case, a Billy Gladstone. The Gretsch Gladstones come up for sale from time to time.