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    Who can steam bend a shell for me??? Check out this stunning cherry!

    Do they actually bend wood? I know they do not make their stave shells....
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    A 45 year old pic of me playing in Ft Lauderdale

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    Songs I Greatly Dislike FRIDAY FIVE FER

    I have had a list of around 20 or so songs I have loathed from my start of playing... I'll be damn if I didn't have to play all of them while in a house band in Az ......
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    Boom Boom Boom Boom!!!

    Cool... Can't believe nobody has complained about the weight (yet) or trying to find a case for it.... :icon_e_biggrin:
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    Looking For Good Deals On Heads!

    Wait, you can replace a drumhead?
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    OT: Baby Parker on the way!

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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Easy going transaction with jptrickster, altho next time send pizza.... :icon_e_biggrin:
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    The Girl Who Listens to Rush. Is There Another Song Referencing Pre-Peart Drummer John Rutsey?

    Nerf Herder are hilarious... I sang "Sorry" years ago in a band
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    Who can steam bend a shell for me??? Check out this stunning cherry!

    ask Eric Sooy... if nothing else, he will direct you in the right direction
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    Which kit(s)/drum(s) do you totally regret selling?

    '57 Ludwigs in blue sparkle...
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    Where to buy 16 inch wooden bass drum hoops Jody is a wonderful craftsman and a hell of a nice guy...
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    I want to have my daughter decorate a snare....(Paints, top coat etc)

    Contact Bob made a snare with Sesame Street drawings for his grand daughter years ago on Ghostnote. You can also catch him on Facebook...
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    Got a China in your regular set up?

    I love my 17" Brilliant K.. in fact, I have 2
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    *SOLD* Tama vintage swingstar drum set