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    Anyone playing Taye?

    I love my Parasonic kit, high end quality control on these under the radar drums. I have owned a Maple studio too and they don't come close to these in the sound and feel dept.
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    Best method for inlay mounting?

    Titebond 111 is amazing, it’s my go to for almost everything...very fast curing time
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    I have $250. What wood snare would you recommend?

    If you can find a Valley custom from the 70's or 80's you will not be disappointed!
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    SOLD !1969 Slingerland "Black Beauty Pearl" Set

    Beautiful kit! Great work on the restoration and wrap repair. I sold a black/gold badge WMP Radio king back in the day and have regretted it since day 1
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    Fixing snare beds on a very thick stainless shell

    Hope I can help, it’s straight forward but I’ve been building drums since 1990. I've built a number of metal shell snares, my beds were cut using an air tool with 2'' discs and then finished off with a hand file. Get a cheap $15 grinder from Harbor Freight with a pack of 2” sanding discs and a...
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    Time Flies..... Tama Granstars are still the bomb

    On the road in 89, transfered from an old cassette tape.
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    Favorite TV Theme Songs

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    Need Help Identifying: Late 70s-ish Yamaha 9000?

    Awesome drums....Congrats!
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    Help me I.D. These Temple Blocks.

    Thanks! for the info franke
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    Help me I.D. These Temple Blocks.

    Any ideas? I don’t own them, I was asked about them from a guy on a vintage car forum I regularly visit. I see Ludwig, Leedy and Slingerland all made them and would appreciate any info I can share with him. Thanks!
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    Infinity Drumworks Raw Shell

    Thanks all!
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    Infinity Drumworks Raw Shell

    Thanks!!! It’s a 41 Ford Tudor Sedan I restored and this is a water color my daughter painted for me for Fathers Day.
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    Infinity Drumworks Raw Shell

    I went with a single 45* on the inside and a very slight 45 counter on the outside.
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    Infinity Drumworks Raw Shell

    Thanks!! Got around to finishing the snare and it turned out nice. I’m not diggin the Evans ec1 so an ambassador is on order.
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    Suggestions for black rust on Rogers Tall Boy Hoop

    Try a dremel tool with a wire brush or lightly scrape at the oxidation. It looks like it might have eaten some of the metal itself?