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    WTB Dunnett Beer Tap Strainer

    totally. I would just rather buy from a forum member that may have an extra.
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

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    WTB Dunnett Beer Tap Strainer

    Fixing up a Camco 10x14 snare that’s missing parts. Anyone got a single point strainer and butt plate for me?
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    New to me Round Badge Project

    :evil5: Finally received the wrap and got it all together! That bass drum is like a punch to the stomach. Very happy with how it turned out. Still gotta fab up a bottom plate for the Pratt and decide if I want internal mufflers, but it sounds spectacular as is. Thanks everyone for the guidance...
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    So what happened to Kieffa Drums LLC?

    I’ve got a wood shell version as well. It’s super cool. Not quiet at all by practice pad standards, but much more fun to play on and has a big dynamic range. Mine also has some little beads under the top for a snare-ish type of sound. I tried to contact Keith via the pipe and drum group he used...
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    Somewhat OT: Jasper Seating Co.

    @Sequimite whoa! That sounds like it was a fun trip. What a cool piece of craftsmanship history.
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    Somewhat OT: Jasper Seating Co.

    Happened to flip over a chair today and look what was under the! Not that I’ve looked that hard, but I can’t say I’ve seen another piece of Jasper furniture. Maybe I’ll take the tag to go along with my Round Badge project...or use it as a throne? Anyone else seen any Jasper furniture...
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    Ludwig B/O and Apollo Badges

    Ludwig is a little beat up but serviceable. Apollo is in great shape. 30 shipped CONUS for Ludwig, 20 for Apollo. Thanks!
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    Pedal lube?

    From what I’ve heard, WD40 is more of a solvent than a lubricant. It’s meant to break rust and grime free more than provide lubrication, although they’re happy to let people think that it’s a lubricant when it’s really substandard in that regard. To make things more confusing, WD40 is also now a...
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    SOLD 8x Radio King Repro Lugs

    8 great condition Worldmax lugs with mounting screws. $25 shipped CONUS
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    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Oh man, those tick all the right boxes for me. No suspension to maintain, steel, and big tires. I’m too afraid of hurting myself (again) on trails and not being able to tour, otherwise I’d have one. I already gashed my elbow open 3 weeks before the last tour that was cut short by the pandemic.
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    Anybody here score big at the Julien's Gretsch auction?

    I noticed that in quite a few of those shell lots, there were like 13 bass drums. I can barely handle one!
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    Slingerland RK 7.5x14

    “Jamo Special” example from Donn Bennett:
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    Slingerland RK 7.5x14

    @Tama CW I haven’t found brackets for it yet, but the “Jamo special” modified versions I’ve seen of this drum apparently work just fine without them. The strainer choice was more about getting the Inde butt plate that would have the ability to line up with the original bracket holes on the other...
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    Slingerland RK 7.5x14

    :cool::cool::cool: Well, it looks great, but as soon as I attached the wires, I ran into an issue. I haven’t tried all that hard to resolve it, but the dip in the head at the beds is causing the end plates to pull down and bow the wires away from the head even at low tension. It goes from way...