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    1977 Imperial Star retoration

    Meguiar's PlastX for the wrap. At walmart auto section.
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    Miller Drums? Made in Maryland in the 60's

    I think you should flip half those lugs around, then you'd have the only Miller-Willer for certain.
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    Ebay/Craigslist heads up for vintage drums-the official thread

    Isn't that in your neck of the woods?
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    ~1965 Rogers powertone in wine red ripple. Wish I could have gotten the kit as well, but no.
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    Anything good about these stands?

    Well the tall stand on the right is part of a music stand, so I don't think there's any value there. Seems like the base with the complete set of button feet could be useful. And the cymbal stand is worth trying to clean up. But value? No, not really. They would be nice add-ons to complete the...
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    Opinions on vintage tom

    Oops, gone; did you get it?
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    Opinions on vintage tom

    I like it, and at that price, there's not a lot of risk. You can always pass it along if it doesn't work. And it will give you a good comparison, CM vs 3 ply.
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    Can't find a decent box to ship a snare drum for restoring

    Put the 16x16 box inside the 18x18, and you're all set. Bubble wrap of course.
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    Large Amount of Vintage Drums that I don't know what to do with

    Lots of stuff there that would be of use to us restorers. Where are you located? John
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    Tama superstar

    Good for you on the $100! All vintage superstars are 100% japanese birch. The stain name may be supermahogany or supermaple, but that's just the color palette. All birch all the time, no exceptions on MIJ superstars, 1977-1987. Another characteristic of these drums is the diagonal seam in the...
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    Vintage Ludwig Jazz Festival Vs. Vintage Rogers Tower/Powertone Snare (8 lug version) - Thoughts?

    Not to step on any toes, but I say it over and over- "Ludwigs are for selling, Rogers are for keeping". Couldn't be truer in the Jazz fest vs Powertone question.
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    Tama superstar

    Is that a 16 or 18? I'm sure eBay sold listings would reveal the market, but I would guess a 16 supermahogany should sell for $300, an 18 for $350-400. Concert toms are a hard sell, maybe $100 each. You'd have to be prepared to wait. I know, you got all for for $150, right?
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    American Master Drums USA

    Gretsch was reportedly known for making 'jobber' drums with different nameplates back in the 30s/40s. Certainly looks gretschy. I have a 3ply gretsch kit all dated 1949/50 with rocket lugs and no rings, shells look very similar.
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    I’m sure it’s been posted before but Mickey Rooney drums

    Dang, those hats! I've run across a few pairs of those 12" or so sock hats with the tall bell, never with any imprints. Anyone ever see them with Zildjian stamps?
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    Not looking anymore: Anyone has some Super Zyn cymbals?

    Not supers, but here's a pair of 14" Zyn's, 659g/669g. Not using, so happy to sell.