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    Used market drying up?

    I've had plenty of incredible pickups lately as well. How bout this beautiful champagne sparkle '67 superclassic for $9.50? And that was at an on-line auction, where someone was bidding against me and tapped out at $9!
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    1939 Radio King Butt Plate Question

    I think mine is 1940/41, with original tin straps....
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    Tama Superstar mahogany bop Kit - what to pay?

    Found some recent pics...
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    Tama Superstar mahogany bop Kit - what to pay?

    Beautiful Kit! The contrast in sound bop vs bell brass surely is incredible. I have an aquamarine bop kit, circa 1981. But I also have all the toms from 6" to 16" to augment. Kind of crazy to have them all up, with an 18" bass!
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    Just picked up my first WFL!

    As evensteven said, that is definitely mahogany inner ply, not maple. Good luck with the restoration!
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    Mid 70s Ludwig 3 ply Downbeat 12 14 20 Excellent Condition

    I had these already, let me know if you'd like any more.
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    Mid 70s Ludwig 3 ply Downbeat 12 14 20 Excellent Condition

    Beautiful all-original kit, no mods, no holes, no issues here. 14x20, 8x12, 14x14. Includes the period correct Ludwig cymbal L-arm. All serials are 1,137,xxx. All drums are three ply, clear interiors, with original sharp 45 degree bearing edges in beautiful condition. No fade or cracks in the...
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    Funny Gretsch Craigslist add!

    yeah, this ad has been floating around craigslist nation-wide for close to a year.
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    Camco Oaklawn Badge Tuxedo Lug WMP 5 x14 Snare

    very nice oaklawn! good luck with your sale.
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    Vintage 60’s Premier...good drums/worth it? Update 7/19/20

    If they are mahogany interior plies, absolutely. Check to make certain the drums are sized in inches. Somewhere in the 60s Premier changed from Metric to English.
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    Slingerland wrap crack

    Leave it alone. If it's stable, there's no point in a repair, as it would still be evident to a keen eye. Wrap cracks at the spurs are pretty common with those thin ripple wraps. Beautiful kit, enjoy!
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    People that take apart drums and sell the pieces are horrible humans.

    She does grab your attention, doesn't she? And the profile of the USPS truck.
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    Help pricing WFL 48-52 snare drum

    Seems to be a nice, all-there example. The six lug hurts the value, but the depth helps. If he *wants it to sell*, I would ask $250, and sell nationally. Here, Reverb, FB Ludwig groups, etc.
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    Two Pedals---- I Need Help

    No data here Dave, and Google is no help. Heck, I even googled FD&H, but I doubt that "Fat, Dumb, and Happy" is what you're looking for! John in Centreville MD
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    Remo Drums

    I also have a Remo Mondo set, very versatile, there are so many unique sounds you can make on these drums with the flush heads. I know people still can't forget the earlier shells, but these molded bearing edges are as tough as you're going to find on any drum. I wail on the edges and they take...