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    ANOTHER Rogers Bop Find? Incredible!

    Had to pick this up yesterday, here in the DC area. One pic in the ad, shown, besides some paper tag shots. No sizes, nothing, except " I've got several other kits for sale". Now that is my kind of hint. I really was hoping it was a 20 so I would be able to resist the temptation to buy, as I...
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    A Suggestion about INDe That'll Make Everyone Mad

    For heaven's sake, Josh is going to make ONE less sale because of the name. It's perfect the way it is.
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    TAMA GUYS: I have a question

    I'm guessing old dog has found the newer, 90s/2000s nonbirch Superstars, as they were wrapped and came with die-cast hoops. The earlier 80s Superstars had neither. Pics to know for certain.
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    TAMA GUYS: I have a question

    No, not permanent. But then again, I'm confused, because I know of no 80's Superstars that were wrapped - all were wood finished.
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    1950's Premier Kit on CL?

    Saved the most interesting image for posterity. I wonder if vintage American blue sparkle would fade this severely? Perhaps not, due to the blue sparkle/red sparkle reversibility on old Delmar wrap?
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    Singerland wraps which are stamped "M" on the interior? Gold sparkle 1958's with "M."

    here are two of my 58/59 duco slingerland M-stamp badges - notice the grommets -
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    Singerland wraps which are stamped "M" on the interior? Gold sparkle 1958's with "M."

    I tend to think that those drums were originally a duco-painted pair. Embrace them for what they currently are.
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    Tama Artstar info?

    Last year I sold an 8" Artstar Cordia tom, block logo, for $700. Local sale here in the DC area. Extremely hard to find.
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    Tama Artstar info?

    Block logo is the earliest, bearing edges were the same on both. The 8 and 10 inch toms go for BIG $. A high quality 24 16 13 12 kit should bring $1k- $1200.
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    Rogers Holy grail find.

    Good Heavens! Major Congrats, but I certainly don't understand the immediate flip reflex on something like that.
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    Vintage Tama Superstar Appreciation Thread

    What a nice thing to do.
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    Ludwig jazette .... here in Ottawa .... !!

    There's the man with the good eyes!
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    Identifying a Gretsch Drum Set

    AND single tension bass! Love it.
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    Identifying a Gretsch Drum Set

    yes, lets see some interior pics, paper tags inside? BEAUTIFUL!!
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    SOLD - Vintage Gretsch 14" floor tom project shell w/ some hardware

    Goodness gracious - did Gretsch actually put the diamond plate where a bottom lug would go if converted for a two-headed drum? Or does it barely clear?