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    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    This strainer certainly looks to be nicely installed from the inside, no traces of a hack job that I see. And this snare is so clean, I can't see how it would have needed a new strainer installed without any evidence of heavy use anywhere. Also some interesting prior owner history found inside...
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    Leedy/Ludwig MOJO Kit

    Perfection right there my friend.
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    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    Wow, that vintage drum reference website is great, thank you so much!
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    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    Entirely possible, I'll know more when I pop it open this weekend. Do you have any of these late 20s catalog pics? I'm familiar with Mark's work on the vintage strainers. John
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    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    Rich - Is there a name and timeline for the use of this particular 4-pt strainer? Thanks! - john
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    Questions on Late 20s Leedy 7x14 Brass...

    Recent pickup. Not exactly sure what this model is called, as I can't find any Indianapolis-era catalogs on line. I know Chris Ardoin has one available he calls Professional Elite, but mine is a bit newer with a four point strainer. Definitely 7" deep, which seems scarce. I assume this is...
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    Can this be fixed?

    you definitely need compensation for that error, either in return or negotiated partial refund. Is it easy for you to determine who is at fault, the seller or the transport company? Photograph all the packing material before it's too late!!
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    1920's Leedy

    And we all want to know what's under the red 'wrap'?
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    1920's Leedy

    John Dorn is a guy you could contact. Texas Vintage Drums. He's very active on FB.
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    59 Ludwig Trans Badge WMP Super Classic Capture

    Finally got these cleaned up, dialing in the calfskins is a new phenom for me; I usually put them on a kit just for a little while, but these sound so nice I think they'll stay right where they are. Hope to get some outside glam shots before long.
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    *WILL SEPARATE* Rogers Blue Strata Dayton/Fullerton Transition 12 16 20 $1500

    Weekend Bump. Your Rogers itch can be scratched right here.
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    $800 Mid 70s Slingerland 51N 24 18 14 13

    Weekend Bump! I'm loving playing these, but they belong with an owner who plays them out. They really rock.
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    Gretsch Moonglow Satin Flame

    You know, I'm not really a 60s/70s Gretsch fan due to head fit issues, but I would take a chance on these wraps due to the sheer coolness factor. Ditto on Slingerland's.
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    Trying To Recreate Gretsch's "Silver Sealer"

    well they certainly don't qualify as 'rare'.
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    Trying To Recreate Gretsch's "Silver Sealer"

    there are plenty of factory 60s 6 ply RB's with no silver sealer, just saying.