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    Pearl FF - "How deep is your drum?"

    Seb77 is correct - that's a 14x8, which takes a 6.5" shell. I have a second gen 14x8 Pearl FF with the blonde maple shell. I regularly put other 6.5" shells in the frame. Just note that technically the frame expects a completely flat bearing edge on the bottom.
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    Should i modify bearing edges on Ludwig Three Ply ?

    I would suggest only touching up vintage bearing edges if they are untrue or damaged; don't change the profile. But of course they are your drums. Just keep in mind 30 years from now someone likely will be saying 'some dolt did this'. :^/
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    Painting Gretsch hoops and gluing inlay advice

    Black Lacquer is what you want. I'm not picky on the brand, but the lacquer is what achieves the original look.
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    Acrolite/Supraphonic Question

    Frankly, you should tell that GC manager that ALL of your friends online are making snarky comments about GC. In a non threatening way of course. I don't care how nice it is. No one should pay more than $200 tops for a standard keystone acro. Unless it's a birthday drum of course. And that...
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    Slingerland question for you guys in the know

    I would think he could ask for $100-$200 more than that, to leave bargaining room. 3 ply generates more looks than 5 ply. Cymbals are the wild card.
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    Going to look at a Super Sensitive tomorrow...

    Will be ludalloy. Just check for smooth throw operation. Expect lots of acne. They are awesome, every bit as good as a Supra. Just harder to transport.
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    I spy

    No, I think that's an authentic stuffed monkey, maybe even a Curious George model. ;^)
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    WFL/ Ludwig stands question

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    Snare drum lug ID help, please.

    Looks like Kent to me.
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    What do you see? part two

    I wish people would do a bit of research before buying. Well ok, a bit MORE research. There's no one to blame but themselves here.
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    Alright guys, what kind of Remo drum is this?

    Interesting, as I've got a turn-of-the-century (I think!) Remo Mondo kit with the hard molded bearing edges (Master Edge?), and I've been trying to understand the transition from these shells/edges to the Gold Crown drums. Can we see some good pictures of the bearing edges on your Gold Crown...
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    Help! Market check. 1970 Ludwig 3 ply players kit

    There are SO MANY Ludwig kits of this era out there. As was stated, the market looking for this wrap is limited. Given, the mod, I would be quite happy with a $900 sale. Good luck!
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    Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl Drums

    Nice looking 9x13 Stuart!
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    Price Check Vintage Slingerland Drums

    Quite a spread on the serials numbers to the 12, although the 14 and 20 would imply that a 12 originally sat on the rail mount. Value is a tough call. If I needed a player, $500-600 max. I would skip on a flip, too many Slingerlands out there without the mod. But they are certainly beautiful...
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    Ludwig pointy blue and olive badge wanted

    Josh, Blue/Olive implies top shelf LW from 1969 to about 1983/84. Could be on any drum, but means it will have the best hardware and plys that LW had. Pointy corners from 69 to about 79, rounded corners after that. LW went back to a slightly larger (than 60s) keystone badge for top-shelf drums...