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    M3 in Maryland 4th of July

    Anyone in the Columbia, MD area... I'll be playing M3 on the 4th of July with Pretty Boy Floyd. Would be cool to meet some Forum members in person.
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    Z dyno beats or other bright hi hat options

    I had 13" Z Custom Dyno Beat hats back in the day. Great for loud, heavy rock, and I especially like them in the studio. Eventually I cracked one, and sold the other. I did come across a 14" original Z Series Dyno Beat in a used music store as well. I used that as a bottom hat with an A Custom...
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    Remote Recording videos

    Still doing a large amount of remote recording for clients all over. Here's a couple from an artist Cesar Rodriguez. He and I have never met, but I tracked two songs for him recently, plus did 4-5 songs with him and another writing partner last year. These takes are NOT the final takes that were...
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    I just love Aquarian Customer Service

    I first tried aquarian maybe 15 years ago out of curiosity. After that first time I never looked any other place, and it's the ONLY heads I will use on my kits.
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    The Def Poison Crüe Announce Summer 2020 Tour. Ugh!

    I don't think there is one living person that believed the whole "never tour again" not true they pulled. I rolled my eyes so hard I could seen my own ass when they announced that. Here we are, 5 years later and they just prove it was nonsense. Why would a band even try to pull a stunt like this...
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    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    I have a Yamaha Recording Custom Brass in the 14" x 5.5" size and it's been my go-to snare for the last bunch of years. Studio or Live it can do it all, and many times I get bands, producers, and engineers that always like it better in the studio than any of my other snares.
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    You looking for me?
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    Any Dream Interpreters here?

    I'm not an expert at dream interpretation, but I have a theory on this one. I don't think there's any deeper meaning with this particular dream. If Herman sounded awful, then it could be something with anxiety, but he was good, so that's out. My guess (and I don't mean this with any sarcasm...
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    Music Video, directed by ME!

    Glad to hear it! The Plan 9 is strong with this one! hahah
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    (Good) news about Regal Tip!!(?)

    I'm sure it's just part of the production hang-up with the machines and pandemic shut down. No way would the company that invented something that's become standard in the industry stop making it. I've seen all the chatter online about "are they going down" blah blah as well. 9/10 people...
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    “Biggest” gig you ever played

    I've done a couple 20,000 seat arenas, and some festivals that topped 100,000.
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    Pasite 2002's vs Rude's vs Giant Beats

    While Giant Beats and Rude's have their place, I feel the 2002's are the perfect all around cymbal for any musical setting. That's why I use them on every recording session I do regardless of style or genre.
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    Does your taste in drums reflect your taste in cars?

    I’ll say that when buying a new car, I always make sure it’s something I can fit a big kit into. One thing I’ve always wanted was a bike, but never pulled the trigger because I can’t ride with drums, lol. But I’ll say this... Being a Yamaha drums guy, I do look at Yamaha bikes first, lol.
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    Regal Tip 1A Chester Thompson sticks

    Try calling Calato and see if they have any in stock.