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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    Well without getting too political, they've passed some laws here in recent years that have directly lead to the decline of LA. They even made it against the law to work as an independent contractor last year. Thankfully they added some exemptions for musicians but not until August, and it's not...
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    New Music Video

    Hey! I've got a new video out with a group I've been recording with for the last 6/7 months. These guys are located all over the US and I've actually only ever met one of them, lol. This particular track I not only provided drums, but also backup vocals. Fun fact, Kegs don't like sticks. I...
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    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    I have absolutely noticed a large lack of Ride in modern music. It’s all Hats and Crash. I think a big contributor to this is the fact that so much music is programed now. much of what I do as a session drummer is replicate, or at least use what someone programed as a base for what I have to...
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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    I’ve honestly been thinking about heading to Nashville. been living in LA for over 12 years, and have a well established career, however with the state of the industry due to the pandemic, I’m thinking Nashville might be the best option to continue sustaining said career.
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    Todd sucherman’s snare drum gallery

    Actually, I asked him about that on my YouTube series. Wondering if he had a "go-to" in the studio, and he said no! Check out the interview here:
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    Podcast Interview

    Did a fun chat on episode 100 of Mark Cale's podcast. Enjoy!
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    Hollywood recording session

    I believe it was run under a different name until recently when it was sold and taken over by an engineer I've worked with a few times before.
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    OT - Marilyn Manson dropped by record label over abuse allegations

    Exactly. The few times I've met Manson he was a nice guy. Plays up the "rockstar" thing a bit in public, but nothing super crazy.
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    Hollywood recording session

    The studio is called Wild Horizon Sound. It's off Santa Monica Blvd.
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    Hollywood recording session

    Had a session in Hollywood over the weekend for a band called Backdrifter. They do well with placement on TV shows like Cobra Ki. This will be their new single "How To Sway."
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    Some Regal Tip Love

    I use them. They make the 5BX in Black for me. The way they do the color on the sticks is a little different than other brands. They mix it with the lacquer so it feels the same and keeps that grip that so many of us have come to rely on. Doesn't really come off on cymbals at all. The first...
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    The first one is from the night I got the nickname the “Living Dead Drummer,” playing at NAMM for Coffin Case’s 20th anniversary. the 2nd is on tour with V2A, a European industrial band.
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    Ever see a professional band get booed off stage?

    I saw Justin Timberlake get booed off stage in Canada when he played with Rush, AC/DC, and The Stones. He did 3 songs and had to leave because people were throwing bottles. It was right after he went solo, and he still had the “Boy Band” persona, and it was definitely NOT the kind of bill he...
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    Kick drum mics

    Hey gang, I have two Samson Q-Kick mics for sale. Both in great shape, used in my studio for Floor Toms. One includes a hard shell case as well. $65 with case $55 with out. DM me.
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    There Are No Negative Reviews of Bermuda’s Weird Al Photo Book

    It's a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it to everyone. FIVE STARS