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  • Hey I stumbled upon your post from a couple years ago regarding Slingerland white wrap and you mentioned using “cheap adhesive sparkle sheets on top of the white to make things more interesting” I’m just wondering where can I find these sparkle sheets? I can’t for the life of me find ANYTHING remotely similar or affordable like the Slingerland “Sparkling white Pearl” that I need to replace on some drums. Thank you!
    There's a troll "mountaindew" starting some ish on the "Ghostnote" thread. This is the exact reason why we love DFO and NOT Ghostnote.
    Thanks for your contribution to vistaliteblack's latest attempt to maintain his age war, or whatever it is he's doing. I try not to dignify his trolling but it's hard not to check it out. I probably rub some folks the wrong way at times but this is one of the VERY few who get under my skin.
    See ya around. noreastbob.
    Based upon all the ads I see where the seller puts SOLD in the body rather than the heading. You might change your heading from "Sellers, we need your help, please" to "Sellers, put SOLD in your heading, please" That way, people who just see the heading at the top of the page will see what to do without opening and reading the post. I find that many people only skim, and miss a lot of content. Just a thought.

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