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    Evans heads still failing

    I’m not particularly dogmatic about heads, I’ve used all of the “big three” at one time or another. I love Remo’s Vintage Coated Emperor over coated Ambassadors on my 70’s Ludwig three ply 14/16/18 tons, but they don’t work on my two 12/14/22 kits. What wound up working for me was Evans UV1’s...
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    OT: I've retired!

    I’m happy for you, your stress level will hopefully decrease as you continue to care for your Mom and Brother. I retired a year ago at 60, I drive for a medical transportation company two days a week, a nice change after many years in a foundry. Dealing with my Mom and daughter moving over the...
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    Ludwig LR2993MT Rail Consolette Tom Holder

    Yeah, it’s adequate compared to the Ludwig mount, but it works ok, pretty sturdy. I have the original rail, fortunately. The previous owner stripped the original. He forgot to bring it when we met (along with the Vibraband) and then gave me the runaround a couple of times when I tried to meet...
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    Ludwig LR2993MT Rail Consolette Tom Holder

    I bought the Gibraltar version, never mind.
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    Evans Drum head quality issues? **Updated Evans response**

    I’m a fan of the UV1’s. I’ve had them for over a year and they still sound great and look basically new. What they aren’t is cheap. I bought a set for my Mod Orange Element SE’s, which are going to replace a raggedy Coda kit at my buddy’s jam room.
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    Blast From the Past-Contemporary Drummer 4-1-1981

    Just enough truth there to make it believable, April Fools or not. I can recall passing on a Champagne Sparkle Ludwig Downbeat kit with Paiste 602 cymbals that I checked out for a friend of mine. I told him that it was too old fashioned and that the finish was horrible. He was thinking about...
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    Oh, how BORING! A thread on Drum Thrones??? Now with POLL

    Roc n Soc, manual spindle. Just purchased my third one from Columbus Pro Percussion. I also have a Gibraltar Moto hydraulic, which is a good throne but I like the Roc n Soc a lot more, feels more solid to me.
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    Is restoring a drum set worth it?

    I’ve done it twice, on a Clubdate with Classic floor tom kit, and my 70’s three ply Pro Beat kit. I had $350 in the Clubs, and $550 in the Pro Beats. The buy in price was low enough that I was able to wrap and refurb both of them for not a lot, relatively speaking. I had a grand in the Probeats...
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    I lost another friend today...

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Musicians who have a shared affinity for music make strong connections. It’s hard when we lose someone like that.
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    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    Weighed 169 when I retired last April. Around 175 now. I had been keeping it under control until it got nasty out, also down for a month with the ‘Rona late last Fall. It didn’t hinder my appetite, unfortunately...and too wiped out to even think about exercise!
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    It might sound like overkill, but I use 3M Peltor Optime 105 muffs and 3M 31 DB foam expandable plugs. I have tinnitus and hypercusis, so the more the merrier. The 105’s attenuate more evenly than other muffs that I have tried. I’m even able to play acoustic drums and cymbals with other...
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    How many of you all play bass?

    I’ve played bass off and on for six years, maybe. I had bought my first guitar a couple of years before, decided to try bass and enjoyed it. At one point I had three basses and was fairly into it, but eventually my work schedule forced me to choose between drums, guitar and bass as far as what I...
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    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    The original All Quiet on the Western Front with Lew Ayers. Many of the extras were WW1 veterans, I can’t imagine the memories that were churned up by their participation. Ayers became a committed pacifist after making it and served with distinction in the Medical Corps during WW2. The ending...
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    Asking for friend How many sets is too much ?

    I have four kits, two set up in the drum shed, one at church, one in bags. So, five kits is too many. Yep, five.
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    Ludwig LR2993MT Rail Consolette Tom Holder

    I need a Ludwig Rail Consolette Tom Holder for my Element SE Mod Orange kit. The previous owner stripped it where the T-handle tightens on the poly ball. I told him to bring it when we met up because I could rethread it but he forgot it, then moved before I could get him to meet again. I’m using...