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    Sad News on The Deteriorating Health of Phil Collins

    I'm both appalled,astounded, dumbfounded, loss(t) for words&speechless at the amount of negativity&poison, Aimed at a human being musician or not is despicable have we REALLY lowered ourselves to become uncaring,unfeeling?. What if it was your : father, brother, best freind, cousin, nephew in...
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    New Bonham bio -- Beast by CM Kushins

    ONLY good if you run out of bog,borrie, crap,jobbie,log, plop plop paper (toilet paper)....... sigh :(.
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    Slingerland concert toms with stand(s).

    No i was hoping a Slingy expert on here would know! :).
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    Slingerland concert toms with stand(s).

    Looking for both copper&white 70's Slingerland concert toms, Exact/precise/same size as Bill Wards from Black Sabbath.
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    Bill Ward from Black Sabbath

    ANYONE know the sizes of his Slingerlands specifically his concert toms?.
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    I give up...Just can't Compete Anymore...

    Hmmmmmm....... since WHEN did drumming /music become an athletic event/or competition?, IMHO/HO (honest&humble opinions).THE ONLY time you possibly SHOULD compete is when you're auditioning for a "gig".
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    RIP Charlie Watts

    Dumbfounded, loss (t) for words&speechless , Both the drumming&music worlds are sadder for his loss R.I.P. Charlie Watts i have no more words....... sigh :(.
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    What is your favourite snare this week

    Tama Artwood/Mastercraft rosewood 14x6.5
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    Songs with Bad Memories Thanks to Your ex-Lover(s)

    Like 99.9% of women..... sigh.
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    Rush's "A Farewell to Kings" Live ... Update: Great Show Last Night!

    Pity& a shame : 1- the negativity shown for/to Primus, 2- They WON'T (assuming) tour overseas inc Australia!!!!!, 3-IF they DID tour here i wouldn't delay/hesitate seeing as RUSH NEVER EVER toured here ...... sigh, Even though they toured Japan......
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    Songs with Bad Memories Thanks to Your ex-Lover(s)

    Chance-Big Country, Wonderland-Big Country, What about Love-Heart, Power of Love ALL 1985 Versions, Invisible-Alison Moyet, ALL&ANY 1985 ballads, Fever of Love-Sweet, Lady Starlight -(Andy Scott)Sweet, ALL&ANY 2016 Ballads, ALL&ANY Duran Duran!!!! .
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    Update on Charlie Watts and his Gretsch's

    Can't look at/view the photos ! :(.
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    Interested in: 6.5”x14” Supraphonic. Late 70’s/Early 80’s. New P88 strainer (I have the old P85...

    Interested in: 6.5”x14” Supraphonic. Late 70’s/Early 80’s. New P88 strainer (I have the old P85 in a box if you really want one). Some scratches and light pitting. Initials “MPS” engraved on the bottom hoop. $600 Can you ship to Australia?.
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    SOLD please remove- Ludwig Supraphonic. Pointy badge 70’s/80’s

    IF ONLY it's a 14x6.5...... sigh :(.
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    Paiste SC (Sound Creation) black label 2002/602/blue label 602/Tico Torres.

    Looking for: Paiste SC (Sound Creation) 22" dark china, Paiste 2002 14" sound edge hi-hats black label, Paiste 2002 19" medium black label, Paiste 2002 black label 22 heavy/extra heavy/ power/rock ride, Pearl Tico Torres signature snare drum.