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    Lee Kerlsake

    By disrespecting the OP &assuming thinking he can't spell or lacks in grammar he's mentioned on numerous occassions on this forum that he has autisim maybe you should research the symptons then you'll be better informed &THINK ( they say it helps ward of stupidity) BEFORE you post no need for...
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    Buster Brown 74 Rudd

    incorrect Geordie Leach was NEVER EVER in a band with Brian Johnson,Rudd's kit is a premier either concert toms, Or he left the bottom heads off on purpose for either sound projection or miking purposes.
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    Lee Kerlsake

    Troll!!!!!...... :(
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    Paiste Giant Beat 20" White Label price?

    Try Purplechord or Paiste vintage&rare on Facebook or Paisate collectors also on Facebook there's some on Ebay.
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    Lee Kerlsake

    Correction it WASN'T Ozzy's $, It was Sharon Ardens&her oldmans $ as Ozzy was broke, Due to his spending $ on alcohol &drugs, Both low life oxygen theives, scum pieces of mess ,digusting, dirty filth......
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    Lee Kerlsake

    He endorsed/played Premier/Zildjian with "Blizzard of Ozz", Abhorent, a crime, despicable, digusting,horrible&terrible& a crime the way both Osbournes treated both him&Bob (Robert) Daisley, Read his (Daisley's) book " For Facts sake" &Rudy Sarzo's book you'll read /find out what i mean.....
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    OT: At some point you have to cut the toxicity out! Not a political rant, a personal one.

    There's 2 sayings: 1 _ "you can choose your friends but not your family", 2-karma, 3-"If you can't say sonmething nice don't say anything at all".......
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    I lost another friend today...

    Condolences, love, prayers, thoughts to you&his family.
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    George Fludas is Bonham 2.0 on drums

    George, Many&massive thanks for making&taking the effort, time, trouble to make&post the videos, Adrian from "the land down under" Australia hope you&your family are well?, Love, peace, respect to you always.
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    Keith Moon Cymbals

    G'day Bun, Massive fan of your playing with CT!!!!!, What snare drum did you use on "The Flame"? as i LOVE that sound, Love peace respect.
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    Terry Bozzio's Zappa drum equipment: i.e. cymbals/drums/hardware/heads/sticks.

    Saw&watched the current/recent Zappa documentary movie on saturday arvo at local cinema/theatre. Dissapointed there's NO interviews with ANY of his drummers, Does anyone know what brand/model/series &size cymbals&drums Bozzio used with Zappa?, &Hardware/heads&sticks?, Love, peace, respect&stay...
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    for Phil Collins, the divorce woes just keep coming

    I'd rather be alone at 73&have my $ then have some "mutton dressed as lamb" gold digger take it all , advice for Phil: GET A DOG!!!!!.
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    List of people who were good drummers but most wouldn't know it

    I It's actually Divinyls he was married to the singer who died from breast cancer , Here in Melbourne Victoria Australia there's a laneway named after her.
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    What snare are you currently playing

    The The B52's "Love Shack" snare was a Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5X14 played/used by Charley Drayton ,Zack Affron played on the video clip
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    A wood snare like nothing you've ever heard before...but in a good way

    Incorrect wrong it's actually a Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5X14 Charley Drayton played on that song/track & Zack Affron played in the video clip.