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    Recommendations for recording interface?

    I have one too... and I love !!!
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    mysterious bass drum...

    Hi, does anyone know anything about this drum? 50969848_243462846582521_6708820142773501952_n by ludwigdrummerbr posted Jan 25, 2019 at 12:06 AM50967318_385165275394428_8474484801636663296_n by ludwigdrummerbr posted Jan 25, 2019 at 12:06 AM
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    NKD: 1969 Ludwig Bonham Kit - Updated Correct BD Logo

    Ian Paiceused the same sizes .. .
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    Charlie Watts un-miked

    Well, to me , there are a BIG difference how his drums sound un-miked and miked... check this out ... at 5.40
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    So I pretty much hate Dream Theater....

    Here is a link for a GREAT Mangini solo!! Mike Mangini
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    Ludwig and Rogers (SOLD)

    Pm sent to the Ludwig WMP.
  10. ludwigdrummerbr us your Yammys!!!...

    I know that not everyone here like big kits .... but .... my kit...
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    Picture Day!

    WOW!! Beautiful !!! great pics too!!
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    WOW!!! Its a deal ?

    I dont konw about the sound with that hood hoops... but its so beautiful!! And good price too!!! Birsdeye Maple Wood Hoop 18 X14, 14 X 14 12 X 8 14 X 5
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    Original 3ply Gold Sparkle In" THE SIZES"

    Winning bid ; US $4,300.00
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    WOW!! Anyone seen this?

    I think the prices are great , My link My link