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    Barton drum co drum bags!

    A little praise for Barton customer service.... I ordered 2 seperate sets of the original bags and have nothing but good things to say after a year or so of use. I recently ordered a set of the new blue bags through Barton's reverb store and began the waiting process for them to arrive. I...
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    Best Quick Release Cymbal Nuts

    No, the ball head is not any wider than the rest of the topper. It is tall enough where I have not had a problem losing felts. The felts usually hug the plastic sleeve/washer thing tight enough not to fall off. Yes, they equal out to 12 bucks a piece, quite steep, but they are machined...
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    Best Quick Release Cymbal Nuts

    I liked the Tama but actually had a problem popping them off the stands while playing. I switched to these offered by Steve Maxwell several years ago and am in the process of putting them on all my stands. They are offered in 6mm, 8mm, and 1/4x20 (?). My only complaint is that, even with the...
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    Show us your Aluminum Snare Drums!

    Along with my recently aquired mid '90s 6.5" and late '70s 5" Supraphonics, I have this 5.5" Craviotto Solitaire. These drums were offered in 5.5" and 6.5" depths in 2 colors, gun metal and black, so I thought this was a one off. I have since seen another red one along with a gold one and blue...
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    Your last impulse purchase

    I'm a sucker for Ludwig's old blue marble finish from the mid '90s so one of my latest impulse decisions was actually a trade. I traded an early '70s clear interior 3 ply set made up of blue sparkle orphans in 13, 16,18, 22 for a very nice "Super Classic" 4 ply 12, 13, 16, 22 power tom set of...
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    It’s LudVig, you morons! DCP voicemail

    I don't see what the argument is about, you're all wrong! Everyone on Craigslist agrees it is Biman!
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    As Julie Andrews sang... The Garage is Alive With the Sound Of Ludwig's!

    Haha, yes, I know, I've tried! I do have 5x14 and 6x13 snares in blue marble to tide me over for now. I missed a 6.5 on reverb a few years back and still kick myself for that one.
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    As Julie Andrews sang... The Garage is Alive With the Sound Of Ludwig's!

    Good on you for doing the gig and rehabbing those sweet black marble beauties! I'm taking a break from doing a complete tear down, clean, and polish on a 6 ply. traditional sized blue marble set with mach lugs to type this. This makes my third blue marble set.
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    hole spacing for Ludwig 5/16" curved spur bracket/plate vs hole spacing for Ludwig 1/2" curved spur bracket/plate

    Yes, the hole spacing is the same for the 2 mounts. The larger legs require a slightly larger hole to pass through the shell without binding. In the past, I have used a Dremel tool with a sanding drum on it to take off just enough material.
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    Fibes year and wood?

    Call or email Tommy at Tommy's Drum Shop in Austin and ask the man himself. He can probably tell you right off the top of his head. I would discourage asking when / if Fibes will ever be back in business. He plays his cards pretty close to the vest on the subject and will not say much about...
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    A Paiste line up

    For classic rock and blues, you can't go wrong with the 2002 line. The only problem would be deciding on which individual cymbals to go with. Paiste's consistency makes it easier to find what you like as the soundfiles are usually accurate and good representations of what you will get...
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    Horrible news...our own Mike Layton has passed on.

    Vaya con Dios Amigo
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    OT - Bathroom Policy For Strangers

    I've had this happen at least twice over the last few years. Immediate red flags! My dad built this house and my parents and older brother moved in a month before I was born. All of our names are drawn in the concrete in 2 different spots. No one else has ever lived here. If I know you...
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    Drum Keys

    Benefits of working in a welding shop.