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    Give away

    630 Thanks!!!
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    3.0mm hoops on a Supraphonic?

    I have not tried the 3mm triple flange hoops… yet. I have used Ludwig die cast hoops. Very controlled response, nicely focused on my LM400. I swapped those out to try 1.6mm triple flange hoops from DFD on same snare. Pleasantly open, nice feel and feedback. I don’t think this drum can sound bad!
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    Tama SLP New Vintage Hickory Set !

    You’re killing me. These are so awesome! Love the Hickory
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    Art Taylor - rare

    Dude sweet
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    Stones Rolling Toward New Album, Euro Tour with Steve Jordan

    Love the Stones! Just saw them in October. But to me, it felt noticeably different without Charlie.
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    I am puzzled, puzzled, puzzled

    I vote, “Puzzled, Puzzled, Puzzled”
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    Vintage MOTORIZED Bass Pedal

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing. Good things are made in Dayton. Go Flyers! Have you tried a Variac transformer to vary the power and speed?
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    My newest snare drum builds

    These are sweet - I want them both now!! :)
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    Krupa's Gladstone Snare

    I’m not worthy to even look at this!
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    My newest snare drum builds

    Awesome. Would love to hear these!
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    Snare Tuning Help Needed

    When I have had similar snare drum tuning challenges, I like to switch up the room I’m working in and go somewhere really “dry”. A place with a lot of dampening. I like to take everything down and start from scratch. Check all the edges, tension rods, hoops, heads. I believe there is a good...
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    Side snare

    Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Tama SLP 13x7 G Maple as side snare. Fantastic!
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    Tama Star - Walnut or Maple?

    Wow that is interesting.
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    The Greatest Masked Drummers of All Time

    Can we count the Mummies to this list?!