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    Date of this military drum?

    Wondering if anyone knew about this drum. I'd like to think it was early 1800s, though it's probably 100 years later. I'm not an expert on these guys. I'll try to get better pics. Maybe the sticks will help to date. Thanks in advance!
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    40s 50s wmp 16 in RK floor tom

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    HAROLD "Doc" WEST... 1951 tom mounting

    They don't call him Doc for nothing.
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    Why Is Modern Pop Music So Terrible?

    Because most people have shitty taste in most things.
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    Very old cymbal markings id?

    Wondering if anyone can id these old pies. Not sure from which pair these are from, or the exact age. Thanks in advance!!
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    Little nervous!

    I'll screenshot this for future comparison
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    Brass supra?

    Thinking it may be. Not sure...I see something behind that knob:)...
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    1965 Ludwig Kit Score

    Makes me wonder how many drums are buried under heaps of trash......and everything else.
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    1960 Leedy Black Diamond Pearl Kit

    I have an 18 in Leedy bass drum in bdp, if anyone is interested:)
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    Value Needed: Dave Weckl Vinyl Banner

    Probably billions, but I wouldn't pay more than $40
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    Mod Orange double bass set on Ebay-I used to own!

    He bought a 14, and lost 2k? Isn't the 14?worth north of half that?!
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    Leedy or pre badge Slingerland 12 + 14 BDP

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    1920s early 1930s wrap

    Gold, silver, peacock, etc. Enough to do a 6.5x14 Whatchoo got?
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    Purchased a 1966 Clubdate....questions about the color.....

    I think it's original, faded, and you've done very well. Great color for club dates.