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    Hand Selection of Sticks vs. Ordering Sticks Online and/or Buying "Bricks"

    I`m in a weird stage where I have gotten used to heavier sticks, but could benefit from lighter sticks because of the relationship with the ride cymbals as you`ve mentioned. Do you have any particular recommendations?
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    How many cymbals do you really need?

    While I'm playing, I never like to have more than HH's, 18' Crash and a 22' Ride. I tried adding a 20' ride/crash in between but I found it just muddied things up, didn't like it. Having said that, I own a ton of multiples. I have about 6 22' Rides, 6 18' Crashes, 5 HH Pairs, and about 3 20'...
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    Can a Paiste 2002 Do Jazz!?

    I get that this sentiment is popular and it does hold true to an extent, but be aware too that some instruments are built specifically to achieve different things. For cymbals = volume, stick definition, sustain, swell, crashability or lack there of, complexity or one-note, overtones or flat...
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    In search of a new ride

    If you want to stick with Paiste, than I'd say the Dark Energy's have you covered. Personally I'm a fan of the Istanbul Agop's for this sort of stuff. The 30th Anniversaries are really special, and fit your description quite well, but they are a bit pricy. Alternatively, Zildjian K Con 22'...
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    Playing Boring Songs Well

    My perspective is a bit different as I am a producer/multi-instrumentalist mostly focusing on creating music wholistically. I have songs that are all about the drums, and in particular I put a lot of attention on drums moreso than other instruments.. not just because they're the funnest, but...
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    Experiences with Agop's Epochs?

    I recently acquired a set of Epoch cymbals. 22.5, 20 and 18. I've had the 22.5 and 18 for about a month. Honestly I fell in love with them pretty quick, though I will admit the 22.5 is very different to other cymbals I've played and took me a minute to figure it out. For referance, I've...
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    Three vintage kits - help me choose!

    I think any of the 3 would be awesome kits to own, but my vote = Downbeat kit with Supraphonic (as long as no issues / it's in great shape). Reason being that the Downbeat kit will hold value well and is just a classic setup, but more importantly if you don't have a Supraphonic, I think you...
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    Mmmmm.... Purple, Ludwig that is.

    That is a fantastic looking kit!!!
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just completed my new Avedis set with a 22' Crash/Ride.
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    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    Man, I've had a K Con line for a few years that I love, and I just bought into the Avedis line recently... totally different flavour of pure awesomeness. You'd think that'd be enough to quench my thirst yet I still here the Kerope's calling my name... There's a very likely chance that something...
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    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    I have to admit I'm right there with you regarding Sabian, and I don't exactly know why... but yet that bias is there.
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    What’s your favorite cymbal brand and why?

    Zildjian. I agree with what people say about inconsistencies, but I come originally from the guitar world and am well acquainted with the ol' "you gotta try many to find the right one" buying technique. I apply the same to Zildjian, and when I find the right ones it's super sweet. And yeah...