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    6.5 x14 aluminum Pearl Sensitone ... how does it compare with 402 ?

    By itself, that Pearl aluminum is excellent. The price is right, the hardware is bullet-proof, and the tone is exactly what you expect from an aluminum shell, crisp and dry. I tried it in a store once, and would have gotten it if I hadn't snagged a 1990's Masters Brass a few days before. But if...
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    6.5 x14 aluminum Pearl Sensitone ... how does it compare with 402 ?

    Ah, OK. Didn't see that.
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    6.5 x14 aluminum Pearl Sensitone ... how does it compare with 402 ?

    US$359? You could get a brand new one at Sweetwater with free shipping for less.
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    What do you look for in your snare collection?

    After 40 years with only one snare (Pearl #4514 14"x5.5" steel), I wanted to try different sizes. So I ended up with these: Pearl Sensitone S1250 12"x5" steel Pearl Omar Hakim Signature 13"x5" Mahogany Pearl Firecracker FCS1050 steel 10"x5" Pearl B-5314D Brass Shell (Masters) 14"x6.5" That...
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    Tweeter Workout

    Hi. This is the soundtrack of a sound installation I exhibited last year. Something to give your tweeters an Easter workout.
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    Recommend me a snare drum - pretty please?

    I agree with NYFrank. Get something different, like a 13” or a 12”.
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    Chad Wackerman's daughter Sophia on American Idol

    I'm just hoping she doesn't get stuck with the same old banal songs that gets regular airplay on AI. She seems much more capable of that.
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    Corey Henry and the Funk Apostles - might help right now

    I'm a huge fan too, from his gospel, to jazz, to funk phases. I finally saw him March 1, just before the lockdowns started here in South East Asia.
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    XLR cable choices/pricing?

    Canare L-2T2 or L4E6 cables, and either Neutrik XX or Amphenol AX connectors. If you prefer chain store pre-made cables, Hosa Pro Rean HMIC line will do.
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    Cymbal weights

    In many cases, characteristics may vary widely even within product lines. So weights can give further clues as to the potential sounds of the cymbal.
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    Are You an "All One Brand" Guy?

    My cymbals are “international”. Zildjian, Paiste, Stagg, Silken. I get which ever interest me. For drums, I have all Pearl. It wasn’t intentional though. They were just at the right place at the right time.
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    Snare setup

    I have an Omar too. Ambassador coated batter, ambassador snare side, pure sound Blaster 20. I like it at all tunings, even choked. Tuned high, it has a warmer, nicer pop and a slightly higher pitch than my 14x5.5 steel.
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    OT: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

    Just watched. 7pm local time. It was a benefit showing for my primary school.
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    the swinging basie band....harold jones and butch miles

    I never actually saw the Basie Band until YouTube. But they are close to my heart because I played a number of Basie/Nestico arrangemeets in college in the late 70s.
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    Large Pearl logo

    Catalogs show that the large logo was a 90s thing. By the 2000s, sizes were back to "normal".