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    Bass Drum Front Head Art

    Not very arty, but this is on mine at the moment.
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    Leaving it all on the field

    I started playing at 15, stopped for over a decade when I was 35 and through a complete series of chances I've been playing again for almost 3 years My drive is that playing live again has dug me out of the rut I'd gotten into with my life. On paper, my life was great, wife/ kids/ house/ dog/...
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    Is This Cable-Tuned Snare "the Biggest Innovation to Drumming in Over 50 Years?"

    I actually like this idea and as I'm currently in a cover band whose repertoire spans 50 odd years,I reckon I would use it quite a bit. As to whether anyone else would appreciate or even notice,sadly/ gladly I'm flanked at gigs by Marshall stacks,and we all know how much they dominate at times...
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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    If money were no object, I'd truly love a British Drum Company Nicko McBrain "Icarus" signature kit. A very close second would be a replica of Ian Moseley's Ravenglass kit.
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    What do you think of this Thomas Lang piece?

    I'm left staggered by his autonomy and watching his performances always leaves me feeling hugely inadequate as a drummer!
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    No thanks, I do not need any help…

    I usually always insist on packing my own gear, but back in 2008 my band was playing a small theatre gig, when mid set someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me my pregnant wife, who should have been in the Audience, was in fact in the toilets following her waters breaking. Quick abandoning...
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    Another LED strip thread

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    Another LED strip thread

    Here's mine. These ones have a small mic in the control box and can be synchronised to sound etc. ( Tried to add video, but it wouldn't allow it to upload?)
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    Pearl muffling pillows

    I use the Evans EQ pad, which also doesn't touch either head, but as I use an Emad2, it's not an issue
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    NYE Gig?

    We've decided to take a short break from gigging until the situation in the UK settles down a bit. Our last was December 10th.
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    New here Hi

    A big hello from a fellow Premier drums player in Buckinghamshire.
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    British Drum Co. Welcomes Ian Mosley (Marillion)

    Those BDC drums are stunning and Ian is an English drumming legend.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Our last gig of the year was a 50th birthday bash for a guy who booked us after seeing us play a local pub.
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    Bought my first brand new kit in almost 20 years!

    Very nice. As I lifelong Premier player,I must admit that I too have been looking at Sonor for my next, although there's a Natal kit that's also rather tempting!
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    When I first started playing in my mid teens, my first throne comprised of two beer crates with a pillow on top. I even did my first two gigs like that before being able to afford a second hand "proper" one.