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    Shell interiors / Pingy Sound ?

    My 24" Premier Resonator BD had that pingy thing and never sounded how I wanted it until I took out the liner out,which was glossy black. I use an Emad2 and remad reso to tame it as well. The toms however have retained theirs as they don't appear to have the same problem,although I use EC2s...
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    Dry snare upgrade recommendation

    I tamed an old Pearl Export snare last year by using an Evans HD dry over a hazy 300 reso, which dried it out quite nicely.
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    Very true, but with limited funds and limited opportunities in London to actually get some fitted for me during lockdown, these will have to do for now. Something has got to be better than nothing?
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    My ones are quoted as -21db filters, and as soon as the lockdown is eased and we're allowed back to the rehearsal space, I'll give them a proper road test.
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    As I close in on my 50th year I've become more aware of how damaged my hearing is and am noticing my tinnitus more now. My issues stem from a combination of drumming,motorbikes and generally enjoying the louder things in life, and albeit a bit late I've decided to try and slow the damage down by...
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    Drummer we look up to and replicate

    I grew up wanting to play like Clive Burr, and later on, Chad Smith. Sadly, I play like a Clive Smith, which appears to be the worst of both worlds.
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    I've occasionally counted in at twice the required tempo to wake up certain band members doing exactly what you describe. It's fun to see who keeps up until they realise!
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    New A-Z of Phil Collins Podcast

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I listen to a number of podcasts on my daily commute,and this is now added to the list. I enjoyed Phils book and for all of his faults I actually like the guy and have grown up listening to his work as well as being born not far from where he was.
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    What's your favorite snare drum?

    I don't have many snares to my name,but this one came to me almost by accident. I was at a local drum techs workshop a couple of years ago, looking for a wooden snare,as all the ones I had were metal and I wanted to try something different. Having tried a few he had without finding one I...
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    OT - Ranking a bands musicians skill and talent

    I've learnt over the years that at your average pub/bar gig 99% of the audience only takes notice of the back beat and will not see,hear or care about all the fancy bits the drummer may be playing. If you're playing covers however,that 99% will instantly notice a wrong word sung or bum note...
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    What snare are you currently playing

    I'm currently using this 10 lug,14x6 metal snare, who's makers identity I have no idea? When I first saw it,there was a Sonor Performer badge screwed on but it's clearly not one of those and it's a heavy drum. The lugs look aftermarket to me as does the throw,which looks like a Gibraltar? It...
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    Anyone got/getting to gigs with a truck?

    15" on the Fiat and 10" on the trailer.
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    Anyone got/getting to gigs with a truck?

    I use my mpv to tow my drum trailer. The big plus for me is that at the end of the night I don't have to unpack the car in order to use it in the morning.
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    Which Famous Musician Would You Bring Back To Life?

    Steve Adler
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    Advice on storing drums in the cold ?

    My old Premiers have been kept in a metal trailer,inside an unheated garage for many years without issue.