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    What pedal are you using?

    Pearl Eliminator RedLine double with blue cams. Played IC's for 25 years and the Eliminator has it beat by far.
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    Solid Shell Snare w/ Lacquer Finish - OK in the long run?

    For what it's worth, I have a 25 year old solid shell Noble & Cooley black gloss piccolo with no cracking or stress problems. With the exception of the brass it's as good as new.
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    Your Top 5 Influential Drummers of all Time

    Hard to quantify but drummers only: Motown drummers whom I have no clue who there were. Buddy Ringo Dino Danelli Danny Seraphine Phil Ehart Phil Collins - early Neil Peart
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    OT - Beatle Boots

    They screwed my feet up for a while.
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    Ludwig ATLAS Arch Rail Mount opinions

    I have mine on a 24. You may want to install on left side like this.
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    Some of Neil's snares for sale

    It appears at least to date that these are the only ones approved by his 'estate'.
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    DW collectors

    I believe I had clear G2's. It actually can sound ok low with clear black dots.
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    DW collectors

    I don't play my DW's anymore but I do have an 11x14 hanging tom. I find DW's to be a little lower in tone than other drums and the 14 when tuned a certain way can sound like a 16 no problem.
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    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    This. I had an older model like this one, great back beats and tone.
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    Ludwig Memory Collars a tight fit ?

    Seems to be a common problem. The screwdriver method is what works. On my FT legs a couple of them have inconsistant diameters and the memory locks slide smooth to a certain point then get bogged down.
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    Ludwig Atlas tom mount measurement ? LAPAM1

    You have to go up size on your case(s).
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    New Ludwig Finish - Burgundy Pearl

    Thumbs up!
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    Slingerland Drum Company

    If so, what a joke.
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    Tama Starclassic Maple Kits

    Sold them, big mistake. 8,10,12,15,22.
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    18” Depth Bass Drums. Your thoughts?

    NOT REQUIRED. My 14x24 Legacy is more boom than I need.