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    OT: Podcasts Anyone?

    David Allen Coe's son does one called Cocaine and Rhinestones about country music performers and related,incredibly well researched,with transcpripts also.
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    OT Help with reverb/pay pal issue

    I need to remove paypal as a payment option on reverb,I have tried googling and e mailed reverb no progress. Any help suggestions appreciated.
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    Hi all! New to the forums!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Depth for an 18" Kick - not for BeBop

    I play 4up 4 down,and have found that a 14x 20 bd paired with a 14 ft saves a lot of space over a 22 bd 16 ft set up,saves room left to right,and with way I set up I would bet a 12 deep bd might save some more space back to front.An 18 kick does not save any usable space side to side over a 20...
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    Rob Kampa 5x14 solid maple reclaimed from Lake Superior

    Beautiful drum.I have played a few megastar snares and they were great instruments.Rob really knows his stuff.Another cool thing is that he works with people on a budget so they they can get personalized custom experience at very fair and affordable price point if needed.
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    head/tuning recs: eames 13” and 16” toms

    With my Eames 9 ply toms I had very good luck running Remo Renaissance amb weight over clear diplomats or ambs,never tried be bop tunings,but that combo did high tuning the best of anything I tried,and really warmed up the tone.
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    1981 Eames cleaned up

    That was way before drum parts were easily accessible ,if you bought all that hardware new I would bet you paid twice as much for it as you did the shells.I put together my Eames kit in 1992 and the price on the new Ludwig lugs I wanted would have been 40 per cent more than the finished and...
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    C and C kit at ATL music go round

    796.00 with hardware. 7 x 12 14 x16 BD measured 22 dia,26.5 rim to rim,I guess you could cut it in half and have two 22x10 kicks.wrap in great shape lugs a little dirty but would clean up nice.
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    Sonor sigs at atlanta music go round

    Thought someone here might be interested. First two pics 24x18 BD,3rd pic is 13 and 14 toms pic 4 22 BD maybe 16 or depth.They want 599.00 for the 24,370.00 for the 12 400 and something for the 14 and I think 570 for the 22. This mg does not ship drums,but I know these are uncommon.
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    Rogers Closet Classic Pic Heavy

    Wow,super nice,that drum is the defenition of Case Queen!
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    What the heck is this kit?

    First,thanks for theming the music,I really like the roots/ethnic mixed with rock type music. Below you should see an pic of a Duban kit from Hungary that looks pretty close,the tom holder in the video looks like Duban could have made it IMO.I have also included a link to the site I got the pic...
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    OT: Model Train sales advice - o gauge

    A good friend of mine who collected trains inherited a large collection when his father passed away,right about the time the economy went bad in 2008,he is handyman and his work dried up quick so had to sell a bunch of them. He said e bay worked well and he sold a lot of them to overseas...
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    1984 13 inch S/L tom black cortex B/W badge

    Mini classic lugs,beige interior 4 ply,in round,edges good,decent condition,wrap is tight no cracks missing mounting bracket. Thinking 40.00 plus shipping. I get a good fed ex ground rate at work,even better if I can ship from my work to a business on your end.If interested pm me an address and...
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    Some used 20 inch BD Heads including vintage Rogers

    4 heads.Please let me know if I am out line on prices, Rogers white coated ported that was on 67 Rogers kit.Fair condition I used it on that when gigging for sound guys/ease of micing 25.00 plus shippin. Remo clear pinstripe,good condition a few scratches but only ever used as a resonant...
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    Ludwig S and L lug spacing question

    I am going to sell a Ludwig s and l 4 ply tom,,it has classic mini lugs on it,do rocker tom lugs have the same hole spacing? Also,does anybody know what a fair price for a 9 by 13 would be? Thanks in advance, Marc