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    Back from the Grave

    Couldn't agree more...Jack is a true Artisan...the best at his craft.
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    Back from the Grave

    I remember now seeing a Gretsch Burgundy Spk at the Chicago Show one year and the owner said he made the inlays from a Ludwig Burgundy Spk drum he had...was exactly the same.
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    Back from the Grave

    Mike, on a separate note, you have a special place in my heart having gone through the cancer fight with my wife of twenty years. I will pray for you to stay strong and continue treatment.
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    Back from the Grave

    Thanks Mike...I'm still hanging on to most everything... I thought I was ready to sell until I sold a snare to Bijan...I was depressed afterwards, even though it went to a good friend and good home. Maybe he will post some pics. I understand the Drum Show will be moved back to Kane County...
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    Back from the Grave

    Hey Mike!!! Long time for me too... Here's my Ludwig Burgundy kit which is the exact same finish Gretsch used, but I have to refer to a higher authority... Am I correct Bijano?
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    me too Sean!!!... at the same time I got the offer to do the Drifters tour, I was accepted into the MSW (master social worker)... I opted for the tour and never have regretted that decision....
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    Slingerland Capri Pearl's in T.H. indiana - Any one here get them?

    Thx Mr. Drums... all four born JAN 1960...
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    Patriotic kits: RED WHITE BLUE

    Slingerland 20,12,14 w/mtch 5x14 ... the bass drum hoops are really cool... white spk inlay between dark blue paint and red paint...
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    amazing drum Joe... now lets see the 6-1/2... You da Man...Dog!!!
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    can't post those too many times Mike!!!
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    Now this is a clubdate!!

    no doubt about it...original burgandy spk for sure... Gretsch used the exact same wrap for their burgandy spk... that's a steal of a deal...
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    Ludwig & Ludwig Silver Anniversary Standard snare drums (NSMD article)

    Yes... must have sat in a case forever...
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    Ludwig & Ludwig Silver Anniversary Standard snare drums (NSMD article)

    Thanks Gizmo... I think JoLo has a Black Beauty Anniversary... Maybe we can get him to post a pic of it...