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    OT why I dislike indoor football and baseball

    First I was like what...indoors football?! Then I realized you guys were taking about indoors handoval. :)
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    Gretsch Ash Soan signature snare

    Gretsch costs 1079€ in Europe. That's equivalent of 1237$. LOL. Noonan version seems to cost 539£/633€/723$.
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    A bunch of Funch

    I've been in close contact with Lasse for the last 2 years and I can tell you that he works SUPER hard, and has now luckily hired his dad to take care everything else besides making cymbals, which is super smart. Packing stuff up etc it's all away from hammering and lathing. Also the work shop...
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    A bunch of Funch

    Yes, he hammers then into shape from blanks. He uses turkish blanks, from Pergamon cymbals, at least the last shipment (200) cane from them. He does both hand formed and pre-shaped bells, don't know what the current ratio is nowadays. I would say he does more pre-shaped now, but often hammers...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Great choices! Those were actually my two favorite ones out of this batch.
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    Went to the neurologist today for my arm…

    Sorry but yes there is. I've been playing for 30 yars, and always played a LOT, and currently practicing more than ever, even about 5-6 hrs per day. No damage, no tiredness, no fatigue. I'm all about ergonomical techniques, and I can tell you, that they really work.
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    Brady snare for $4,100

    The seach reasult was actually done within EU. I live here too, you know. I don't know how long history Reverb shows, but at least my search for sold Brady snares in EU didn't show those cheaper Bradys you mentioned.
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    Brady snare for $4,100

    Found four 12" sold in the Reverb listings. Average price is about 1120€ which is about 1250$. Asking price missing not have anything to do with the actual value. There are quite a few Funch cymbals for sale in Japan, all with over 2000$ asking price.
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    Brady snare for $4,100

    Here's Here's latest that were sold through Reverb. Only really weird sized or damaged going for under 1000€. Add bit over 10% to get $ price.
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    12, 15, 20 and 10, 13, 16, 18, 22.
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    My rehearsal room mate moved it so now I have the whole space to myself. Jazz kit and rock kit set up simultaneously so I can practice both country AND western. :) Maybe the big kit needs couple of splashes to make it really over the top. All the cymbals are Funch Smaller kit currently has...
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    New Steve Jordan Aluminum Hardware Video (Paiste/Yamaha)

    Thin rides especially sound better on stands that has bit of side to side wobble on the top end. I have A-B'd Tama Classic stand (thin flat base stand) with a Yamaha 700-series (medium tripod stand) with the same cymbal and there definitely is difference how the cymbal sounds and how easily it...
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    Stop Saying "Internet Drummers" Aren't "Real Drummers"

    Depends on the song in my opinion. I had never published a cover until last summer when I did a cover Chick Corea's Night Sprite (original drs. by Steve Gadd), because it contained so many great Gadd-isms, and I included a slo-mo lessons of 5 or 6 things from that song too the end of the video...
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    Why no bamboo?

    I remember Yamaha commenting that it's really difficult material to make drums. So it was short lived experiment for them. I had over of them snares. Sounded good. But don't remember it sounding that special.