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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    My current Gretsch kits. Broadkasters in 12,16,22 sizes, satin copper finish. That bass drum might be the fattest I've ever heard! Renowns in 12,14,18 plus a snare. This was a motor City '57 kit with those decorative chevrons, but I decided to remove them. Now it's a gloss black kit without...
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    Recording play-along tempo problem

    I suspect the same issue.
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    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    Well, since you brought this up, I have to respectfully disagree. With clothes and home furnishing it's relatively easy to buy non-chinese products, and invest on better quality, since the land of production is usually easily found. For example we were getting a heavy duty food mixer 2 years...
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    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    This thread sums up quite accurately one of our big global problems. People buying cheap crap and shipping it piece by piece around the globe, keeping their fingers crossed that maybe this time it won't be cheap crap. Dream on guys...
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    The moment of truth (a.k.a. is it damaged or is it ok?)

    Lovely! I have the same drum and absolutely love it. Glad it arrived in good shape.
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    The moment of truth (a.k.a. is it damaged or is it ok?)

    Yes master. :notworthy:
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    The moment of truth (a.k.a. is it damaged or is it ok?)

    Got to admit, you truly are a master baiter.
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    500 mil snare side heads

    Nope. Mil is 1/1000 of an inch, so 500 mil is exactly half an inch. I don't know who knucklehead named the mil, but it sure is confusing since one easily thinks that mil is abbreviated from the word millimeter. But millimeter is whole different measurement, it's a 1/1000 of a meter. And it's...
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    Gretsch Broadkaster snare

    Sorry for the slight off topic, but check this out. Just had a chance to go through my newly bough Broadkaster kit, and the bass drum has two very different looking wood as a core ply. Maybe both are poplar but one is from much darker individual, dunno. Each piece of wood make about 50% of that...
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    Gretsch Broadkaster snare

    Loving my 5,5" deep Broadkaster snare! Really nice dry vintage tone without sounding muddy or powerless like some vintage wood drums can sound. I actually just bought a second hand Broadkaster kit in 22,12,16 in satin copper finish, on Wednesday. But I just haven't had time to test drive it...
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    When you're geeking out about gear and you realize you've gone too far...

    Is this what your think of conversations? :D
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    New Beats vs A Customs

    While I really dig A custom crashes, I much more prefer A New Beats over A custom hats. ESPECIALLY the ones made after 2013 redesign, they are really nice and bit thinner again.
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    Which Yamaha Absolute color?

    He was not referring to sparkles but to the natural vintage finish.
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    Trad vs. Matched: Either better for sprained thumb?

    I would suggest letting it heal and not risking it with playing. But if you absolutely have to play, I would suggest trying this grip. I would think that it's not as taxing on the thumb. Was it Vinny Appice who is using this?
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    What DW snare is this? Sheila E. / Stewart Copeland

    I think you can see the snare better on the whole film. I remember digging the sound while watching the film and thinking it sounds like a Dw Edge. And then some quick close up revealed it being so. To me it looks like a 13", judged by the size of the dot on head. They are great snares, amazing...