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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    @The Texan proveded great service when selling and shipping me his Keplinger snare. Recommend seller!
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    Is this trade worth the hassle?

    I would trade it, absolutely. Sounds like a good deal. The drum is 50-60 years old, would be weird if the finish was still as new. I think it looks great, just like a vintage drum should.
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    What is the Best Wood Shell Snare Regardless of Cost

    Brady's were about 1000$ drums when they were made, for example 10 years ago I bought my Jarrah block new for about 1K. They have risen in price later, in the used market. Why should the makers include some gems or what ever in that price range? I just thought you meant that they are cheesy...
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    What is the Best Wood Shell Snare Regardless of Cost

    This is cheesy? And these are better? Um...okay.
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    Funch Cymbals

    Great weight for 20"!
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    Funch Cymbals

    Oh yeah, you're right, he usually only patinas the top side. What's the model, Elvin tribute? To me it looks good on the last photo, but of course it's bit on an angle so it's hard to see completely.
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    Curious about Jesse Simpson originals

    About the volume: I haven't played a Simpson, but I have noticed a clear difference between handmade cymbals compared to let's say Zildjians. My Funches and (former Lauritsen) have somewhat lower volume than the Zildjians I played before. On most cases it's a good thing but on louder rock gigs...
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    Funch Cymbals

    Mine look like this. Third and fourth picture are from when I did the patina myself. 3rd during, when I got bit nervous, and 4th after the process.
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    Funch Cymbals

    I also play rhythm and blues with mine, I have mostly selected heavier individuals, and they worked really well for that (when I still had gigs).
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    Funch Cymbals

    My rides are aging in normal fashion, nothing out of ordinary. I have some that had no patina treatment at all at the beginning, so any oxidation shows easily. They have aged in very normal fashion, just getting bit darker in looks, no spottyness really. And most of mine have had some sort of...
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    New Pearl snare with John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ringo, etc.........

    What do you mean? It's a drum with faces painted on the shell. Why would someone sue for that?
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    42 strand wires, Gretsch 4160, and snare cord

    Usually I don't go for wider than 20 strands, on most drums 42's don't work at all. BUT...I just learned this after getting a Gretsch belll brass that some drums the 42's really work amazingly well! You need to have the patience not to overtighten them and also tune the drum so that it has...
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    Your BEST Cymbal?

    Hard to choose, but maybe this one. Funch Cymbals 22" Spizzichino Tribute, 2391 gr. It has the really nice blend of stick attack, wash and trash. Sounds like this: Looks like this:
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    Craviotto & Noble & Cooley - sonic difference?

    I thought so too, I have pretty much disliked every oak drum I have played. Never tried cherry until I took a leap of faith with a 14x5,5 Longo that someone wanted to trade with one of my snares. Glad I did! It actually sounds better than any of my previous Craviottos or current N&C's (well...
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    Craviotto & Noble & Cooley - sonic difference?

    I previously had 3 Craviottos (14x4 mahogany, 14x5,5 birdseye maple and 14x6,5 mahogany), and nowadays I have 2 N&C SS's (14x3 and 7/8 and 14x6 maple), so i might be able to give some perspective. The Craviottos sounded really good, especially 4" and 5,5" deep ones. The deepest was maybe bit...