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    So, my whole approach with regard to drums and drumming has completely changed...and I'm having the time of my life.

    tommykat, what a beautiful cabinet; are those tambour doors? They look great........marko
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    New club date with bowties.

    Looks like they got it right on these. But, i agree with Kurt on the badge--kinda odd for a newer kit........marko
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    1960's Downbeat ?

    Downbeat snare is a nice bonus. Great-looking kit.........marko
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    Roc n Soc

    I've got a couple motorcycle seat ones & a "D" shaped one; I guess they make round ones, too. The nitro & backrests are key.........marko
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    Supra-Phonic? Acrolite?

    If you look at my avatar, you can see the textured shell of a 1st generation or prototype Acro. From what I can see, it's a preserial badge. ( drum itself is over in my studio). If I had to bet, I'd say it has crimped beds, but I'm not sure since I haven't had it down off the shelf in a...
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    Rogers restoration is completed

    Nice goin'! Looks great! They really are white. Would like to play around with the bass muffler--looks pretty cool. Enjoy.........marko
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    How frequent do lugs break?

    Wow! I was surprised to see that picture; not what I imagined when I read:"broken lug". I kinda like K.O.'s idea that the tension rods are too long; I could imagine cracking a lug with a bottomed-out rod.............marko
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    It seems odd to me, too, that Jasper would make slightly undersized & slightly oversized shells; I'd think they'd have one mold per size. I get that Camco thought that an undersized shell was an advantage, but do people think Gretsch intentionally chose to make their shells...
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    A vintage Zildjian - with a "zillion" die stamps - one for Zenstat

    Exactly. I find it hard to believe that no one at Zildjian ever mentioned that there were these "stamp practice" cymbals lying around; I wonder if there are Sabian ones, too............marko
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    1968 Ludwig WMP Super Classic restore

    That right there--a WMP Super Classic--is the quintessential Ludwig kit; you got a nice one......marko
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    A Drum Forum Success Story: 1952 WFL Porto-Pak Outfit No. 986P in Sparkling Red Pearl with era correct additional floor tom (Estate Sale Treasure!)

    This is a sweet kit; very cool that you stayed with it & got it for your collection. Happy for you...........marko
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    It's good to be back in the states - Washington State

    Welcome to the PNW; need any Ludwig stuff?.............marko
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    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    This is such a cool drumset. It's got so many things right, not the least of which is that snare. I'm lobbying for leaving the bass hoops as is; I think it adds a lot to the appearance. IAC, i'm happy for you; a tremendous score.....marko
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    I'm kind-of back

    Glad you're back....marko
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    I Joined the 10k Club Today

    Enjoy your posts (well...maybe not all 10,000; but lots of them)............marko