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    5” Supra. Why can’t I get into it?

    Each Supra is a little different. I've heard tons that didn't speak to me, and somehow ended up with one of the fattest sounding LM400s I've ever heard, just straight out of the box. Mine being a new drum, I tried it without the gaskets, and didn't like the extra brightness, so I put them back...
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    Hey looks it's me! I ended up buying that drum. It's a beast! But I think for me it's a tie between my 70s 402 (which somehow DOES have that Bonham special sauce) or my Black Beauty, which is just so dang fat.
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    Kick reso head. Single ply vs EQ3

    Do you have any recorded samples of that classic thud? I'd almost be willing to be that it was done without a front head at all. At least, that's the quickest way I've found to get that classic thuddy kick sound. Remove the front head, stuff it with a decently large blanket or towel, and stick...
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    Cymbal crack repair with UV curable resin?

    I don't know man, that sounds like a lame Zildjian crash to me. Still, better than the brass cymbals that come with cheapo drum kits.
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    2 Snares......your wood choice and your metal choice!!!!

    Wood: 6.5x14 DW Craviotto maple. I've got Yamaha Power Hoops on it and it sounds magnificent. Metal: 6.5x14 Black Beauty. With an S Hoop on top. Fat.
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    Cymbal crack repair with UV curable resin?

    Well, that sounded a lot better than I expected to.
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    16" Sabian AA Bright Crash Natural Finish

    Title says it all. I'm actually looking for two of them, I think. The small medium weight crash with the big bell, in natural finish. Located in NC, USA.
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    Sweetwater Price Increase

    One of the main complaints circulating around the drum shop (cough cough) is that a fair number of manufacturers are raising the prices, effective today. And the price increase is effective on ALL gear that hasn't yet shipped. If you've placed an order, but it hasn't gotten...
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    Big Fat Snare Drum?

    It is the same effect as cutting a head out of the flesh hoop. The physics are the same, so the sound is the same. It drops the pitch about a third, and darkens it up a lot. I use mine on a fairly high pitched drum at gigs to offer some variety in snare sounds without needing another drum. It...
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    15” Sound Edge

    15" 2oo2 Sound Edge is the move if you ask me. The Classic 602 hats are just a little too thin across the board and lack a little bit of clarity for my taste. Signatures are louder and brighter than the 2oo2s; attributes I have never needed. I had a pair of 15" 2oo2s and I ended up selling...
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    Some of Neil's snares for sale

    I'll be watching the auction for his old Slingerland Artist when it comes up, knowing full well that I will never be able to afford it, and that it probably wouldn't sound that great with me playing it anyway. No doubt it will sell for more than any snare in history has sold for, when it does...
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    Cappella The Drumstick People

    Seems like a common thread with Cappella lately that any potential information leads to a dead end. That link in her post has no information on it.
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    YYZ - Full Band Cover - Live in Raleigh

    The Rickenbacker is a strange beast to mix. More like a second guitar than an normal bass, and you absolutely need to listen on a decent system to hear the whole thing, cause it doesn't have much lower midrange.
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    YYZ - Full Band Cover - Live in Raleigh

    I mean, since we had the fourth guy, he might as well do something cool, right?
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    YYZ - Full Band Cover - Live in Raleigh

    From the second of the two shows we played on May 29th at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh NC. It's always a blast to be able to bring classic tunes like this one out into the public, and it's a great feeling to know that we can actually play them well! And of course, that's just about the...