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    kick pedal cleaner

    I don't think anyone has ever asked me what I do to clean my pedals. Whatever cleaner and method you choose for various parts, you will probably need a plan to re-lubricate it like bigbeat mentioned . Dawn dish soap is a great all around cleaner for drum parts and hardware.
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    Help me ID this drum!

    I think the drummer for The Romantics (What I like About You) played a set with a finish like that in the late `80s.
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    Is Phil Rudd possibly the Greatest Australian Drummer?

    Phil Rudd was the right drummer for the job. He played the songs. The whole band had attitude, and his playing fit right in to what the rest of the band was doing. I have heard a couple of instructors say they challenge a student to simply play a song like Phil did, and they overplay it.
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    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 4 pc Shell Pack - Red Sparkle - still available ***

    Is there a consensus on the best heads? The answer is a strong NO. Ever.
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    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    I'll offer Levon Helm, Stewart Copeland to start with.
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    Advice on which round drum throne to get…

    I'll admit that I never used one gigging, just at home, so I don't know how they hold up when it counts.
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    Advice on which round drum throne to get…

    The Tama 1st (first) Chair thrones are great.
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    Drum case advice.

    Hard cases if you have to rely on packing them in to a van or truck or plane that is already full of amps, lighting, staging, and cases full of other gear. Soft bags if you are just transporting them in your own vehicle and handling them carefully by yourself.
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    Dumb Dilemma: Rogers vs. Sakae

    I would keep both for awhile, You might not need both, but you will probably regret selling either of them later.
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    No thanks, I do not need any help…

    I appreciated if my band mates would help instead of just packing up one guitar and walking out, but I never let strangers help even if they seemed sober, sane, and genuinely interested in just lending a hand. We all have a "system" and it would just throw me off if someone tried to help and now...
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    Rogers Holiday kit date question

    Yup. Pictures of the tags, the mounting hardware, the interiors if you can. Lots of construction and finish details are just as helpful as serial numbers, although Rogers serial numbers seem to be a little more helpful than some other companies.
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    Painted Drum

    $599 ! At Home Goods?? Are they selling any? I did check out the link in your second post. That drum is no Chagall, Dali, or Picasso. He has hand painted used spray cans for $2400 !! Used spray cans ! I guess a cheap drum makes sense. I wouldn't do that to a valuable drum.
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    What are you using to weigh cymbals?

    That is exactly why I was careful in my comment. I do not let them weigh or measure it for me. I make sure I find someplace with a scale that is supposed to be calibrated annually and I can do it myself. Doesn't mean it might not be as perfectly calibrated as I think it is, but I know my scales...
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    What are you using to weigh cymbals?

    If you do live close to a post office, then it may be a great option. It's what I do. The one only 2 miles from my house has a scale that is right there in the lobby when you walk in, so you don't even have to go inside to the desk, you weigh it yourself. The scale is large enough that any size...
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    My 81´Gretsch collection

    I think you are right. I think I sold them to the right person.