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    New kit. Sadly, not mine.

    Wow! What a great finish. Those are special.
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    excellent Canopus!

    Canopus makes / made some impressive drums. Never owned any, but played some, and wanted some.
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    Karen Carpenter on drums

    I know that as a kid I was influenced by all the music on TV in the `70s. There were so may mainstream prime time network shows centered around performing music. Even Hee Haw , Lawrence Welk, The Mandrell Sisters, The Tonight Show, The Carpenters, Sony and Cher etc.. The theme song for Hawaii...
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    Progress As You Age

    My age, and my appreciation of a growing number of genres, is the only thing that has progressed much.
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    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute ** New price and lowered shipping

    Those deserve a wow response. Really beautiful, top notch drums.
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    A bargain!

    You have to give him credit. He is not afraid to embarrass himself. That's thousands of dollars of sentimental value right there.
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    Poll: What Size Bass Drum do you Prefer?

    I played a 22" for years, then I bought a vintage Rogers kit with a 20. I have 18", 20", and 22" drums. 20" is perfect for me. Sounds great and the 12" tom is at a better height for me.
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    Cymbal Sound Videos - Alone or with Drums?

    I am very hesitant to post sound clips of cymbals, because when I try to do it with my phone, I always think it makes the cymbal sound worse. Sometimes much worse.
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    Vintage Gretsch bad years/eras?

    I have seen some early `80s top of the line Gretsch drums with bad bearing edges. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but not level from the factory.
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    The Report of My Death was an Exaggeration

    Despite all the things that can be bad and even harmful about social media and online forums, sometimes it really is a place of comfort. I think we all are members here partly because of that.
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    DCP visit, finally!

    I have a 20" Zildjian ride that DCP had made with their logo, and to their specs for their 10th anniversary. Inspired by Buddy. It's a 2154 gram ride with the label "The King" on the underside, along with the DCP logo. Fantastic cymbal. It hasn't been taken off the stand since I bought it, and I...
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    DCP visit, finally!

    I have to avoid stopping in sometimes because I just can't resist the temptation to buy things on impulse. Every time I go, I find myself saying "I want that". Do I need it, no, but I want it. Great shop, great people. Every drummer should go there at least once. Seeing their stuff online is...
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    70’s Slingerland Stageband kit

    That is a nice looking kit. Classy, and probably sounds better than kits at much higher prices.
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    Snare Stand & Cymbal Arm Pet Peeves!

    I am a fan of 8 lug 14" snare drums, and the fact that they do usually fit the stand better is just one of the reasons.
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    OCDP Custom Drum

    That was really good. Thank you for sharing that. I'll bet your father inspired other young future drummers that you may never know about, but he did.