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    Completed Cleveland-era Rogers kit!

    Very classy. Great kit.
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    Horrible news...our own Mike Layton has passed on.

    I don't often comment here, but this is a huge loss.
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    OT: Any Airplane/Aircraft Owners in DrumForum Land?

    I don't own an aircraft myself, but have been a mechanic at the same company for 36 years. Owning one can get overwhelmingly expensive, but not always. Keep it simple and it may be kept affordable. I am the director of aircraft maintenance for Keller Companies, the company that makes drum shells...
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    Gretsch Starlight ??

    Recently acquired a snare in Starlight Sparkle. You have to get it under bright lighting to really see the beauty of it.
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    What is the secret sauce in a 20” Rogers bass drum?

    I have kits with 18, 20 and 22 inch bass drums. The `68 Rogers 20 is my favorite. Just the right amount of low and mid range tones.
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    Grosgrain Ribbon on your Snares. Let's discuss...

    Snare cord or Grosgrain ribbon depending on the drum.
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    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    I prefer to buy and sell here on the forum for two reasons. First, most members have much more knowledge than the average ebay seller regarding what they have, what the real value is, and how to describe condition accurately. Second, If there is a problem with a transaction here, I can directly...
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    Did 6 lug Gretsch snares use die cast hoops?

    I have this `60s Dixieland with die casts. Not a great photo, but it's raining so I couldn't bring it outside for natural lighting.
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    OT: Hobbies beyond the drums

    Hiking / backpacking. Not just walking on a relatively flat trail, uphill hiking.We have many places to hike here in NH, and a great system of Appalachian Mountain Club huts to stay overnight. Making remote control wood boats, some airplanes. I'm not into drones. Casual target shooting. Guns and...
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    Revisiting Reissue Speed Kings

    I have one of the Speed Kings that was being sold a few years back as "updated" with better bearings, so no squeaks etc. Works very well. I like it. Like a few others have mentioned, I have one of the Sonor JoJo Meyer Perfect Balance Standard pedals, not the original folding one that people...
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    The rest of my collection.

    Don't know why I couldn't add the descriptions to the original post. Half are Vintage. L to R, top to bottom. 2013 Ludwig Classic Maple 6,5 x 14 red sparkle, 2020 Dixon Classic 5.5 x 14 satin black, 2018 Ming Pure 6 x 14 i think they called it violet color, `81 Gretsch 4160 drop G badge 5 x 14...
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    The rest of my collection.

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    About half of my snare collection.

    PROLINE (or PRO LINE) snare drum rack. I see that right now they are on sale at Guitar Center for $79.99. Usually about $95. Not cheap, but padded and sturdy. Perfect for the job. I have seen people stack 2 of them together with some clever DIY small modification.
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    About half of my snare collection.

    Yeah, I'n not a huge fan of 6 lug snares, but the Starlight Sparkle wrap on the Gretsch is nice and the Spotlight is nice with the tall boy hoops and bread and butter lugs. The Slingerland is an 8 lug and with the upgraded hoops it doesn't appear as a student model.