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    Rediscovering Keltner

    Always liked the playing on this song (super solid and not in any rush) but I never looked it up who it was, but was surprised to be surprised it was Keltner! It’s some classic Keltner now that I know…
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    Nigel Olsson

    If there was a Elton song with double bass, I was thinking it might be at the end of “Grey Seal”. There was opportunity for it, but not hearing it though. Great song, Nigel’s killing it… except for two unfortunate bridges that zap the momentum out of the song (though they pick it right up again!)
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    Concert tom head recommendations

    Recently replaced my stock coated Remo Renaissance on my concert tom kit with Remo Control Sounds black dots… something I should have done ages ago, night and day difference and I get much more of that big “blppt” attack I was desiring. All the toms are tuned right above the wrinkle. I did have...
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    Recognize these sticks? The 7/16 diameter doesn’t align (these are more like 9/16), but similar profile.
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    Favorite drum fills

    Bozzio at 2:17…
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    When in doubt, leave it out! Best minimal fills?

    I’ve always love Andy Newmark’s simply stated approach to this track. It real fun to play along to, too… it’s smooth and clean, but got a lot of feel to it.
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    15" toms - Which famous drummers use them?

    I thought I read David Robinsons first Tom was a 15”… looks like a 14” in this pic. Was thinking Jimmy Chamberlin, but apparently that was a 14” as well. I got 10-piece kit (concert toms, but…) the best sounding on the the kit are the 10”, 13” and 15”, and when I pair it down to a 5 piece...
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    New purchase. Is this worth mentioning?

    Ya, stress concentrations (where cracks propagate from) happen at abrupt transitions or sharp angles in materials. If you like the cymbal, get a round file and blend that nick down and you should be fine. It’s pretty tiny.
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    Terrible Bands You Still Like, Supertramp Edition

    That Human League song, the synths sound slightly detuned to me… and it’s annoying… like the neighbor ice cream truck that’s playing “three blind mice”
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    "SOUL!" episode with James Gadson and Alphonse Mouzon

    Man, Gadson just has a touch. Jackson Five “Dancing Machine”… that kick drum fill, that’s creative!
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    Terrible Bands You Still Like, Supertramp Edition

    Breakfast in America is a bad album??? At least 4 or more solid tracks on that album. In a world and an industry that’s overburdened with mediocrity, that band/album/effort isn’t one of them. In a world full of lousy opinions, you got yourself a lousy opinion there…
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    Lathing weight off 1st stamp Zildjians

    I’ve talked about this on other threads, that age adds a “sweetness” to cymbal bronze that is hard to define and even harder to duplicate… but that’s because the metal has had decades to settle in. All those internal stresses have shifted or worked themselves into some sort of balance that...
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    Unusual Cymbal Surface Pattern - can anyone identify?

    Light lathe passes, didn’t get under some surface scaling… nothing to worry about.
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    Ballpeens and Bronze

    The anvils Zildjian had in the factory (hard to see in this old ad picture, but was undoubtedly what was still in use there there on top log)… they were thick, square, cast iron anvils, with three sides of the square contoured and one side flat (if you can imagine that). They were great…Probably...
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    Favorite China Cymbals

    Wuhans have a very different and centuries-old tradition of cymbal and gong making. Firstly, they traditionally hammer blanks flat, making that crazy, flaking material appearance… very different forming method compared to Turkish method of rolling blank (which can make a consistent thickness)...