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    Favorite COB Snare

    I have a few Slingerland COB drums. The two-to-one and spitfire that are both 6.5” depth sound great, but I really like the 5” spitfire the best.
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    Neil Peart's Favorite Books of All Time

    I must have seen the same interview. I remember him saying left-leaning libertarian as well.
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    The Half Time Shuffle

    My first thought when I saw this thread and who started it was exactly this!! I hope he’s alright too, jeez. He was an active poster when I first joined DFO early last year.
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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    I’ve leased four Audis, including this one. I’ve never paid much at all to maintain them, new brakes is about it. They were leased and everything was covered. I bought this one after the lease ended a year ago, because it’s a 2017 S5, the last year before the redesign (the S5 body remained...
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    OT RANT about Audi!!!

    I took my car in for service today. I mentioned that one of the two bulbs in the dome light was burnt out. They call me to get approval to fix it. “Unfortunately, we cannot replace the bulb, we have to replace the entire mechanism. That costs $586.03.” Audi service LIES...
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    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    My last car was a stick, and so is my current one. So for the last seven years or so, a manual transmission. Now, when I drive a friend’s car, I almost always accidentally step on the brake with my left foot within the first minute or so.
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    I give up...Just can't Compete Anymore...

    Well you can’t knock his technique. And I wouldn’t mind being in his position, needing to (eventually) reign in all that energy. Reminds me of the story Jim Keltner tells about the first time he met Jeff Porcaro, and Jeff said “everyone tells me I play too busy.” And Keltner told him to keep...
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    Songs with integral hi hat barks

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    Tyler Greenwell

    With Tedeschi Trucks Band, he’s really an impressive player. This solo caught me off guard, and the band has only, one drummer now. He’s really excellent here as a lead-in to Whipping Post, following a great bass solo in the beginning.
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    How Much Does a National Touring Act's New Drummer Make?

    I always liked Original Prankster.
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    Quick Question about the Slingerland 12-lug snares...

    nice find! And yes please, more pics.
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    Nashville Slingerland Bop/jazz

    I’ve read that these are the best Slingerland drums ever built. Have you sold them yet?
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    Explain Bizarre Reverb Listing? Same seller!
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    Derek is Eric!

    This doc is on Amazon Prime for rent, $1.99. Or, you can own it for $4.99! Just watched Jeff Bezos blast into space, might as well give him another couple bucks.