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    Oh, how BORING! A thread on Drum Thrones??? Now with POLL

    I have a SoundSeat on a dw base. Comfortable and solid.
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    In the Market for a new drum throne

    Agreed. I have a Soundseat on a dw base. Can play for hours with no back or leg pain, fatigue, or sore ass.
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    Tom lug mount Inde vs Atlas?

    I have the INDe on my 13 Legacy maple tom. It resonates far more than either a rims type mount or the snare stand I had been using. Easy to install and a nicer look, however the key is that the tom SOUNDS better.
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    OT (sort of) - Tinnitus

    Have it as well, and it sucks. I have an appointment next week at the UCSF tinnitus clinic to see if any treatments exist that can improve things since there is no cure. At times I think the constant hissing is going to drive me nuts.
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    I think I have a problem... But is it really that bad?

    I have a 3200 sq ft house with a two car garage and a storage shed. I still only have one kit (four drums), hardware and cymbals. Worked for me for 52 years of drumming. No need for me to clutter things up.
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    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    Lots of great info and insights. Thank you guys, always enlightening.
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    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    What is that foam mic mount?
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    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    Good to know. thanks.
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    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    It's a 22x16 Lud Legacy maple with a ported reso head. Looking for vintage-y thump. Play pretty varied styles of music. Rock, blues, country, folk, Basic cover band stuff. I use sennheiser 604's on my snare/toms.
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    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    Hi All, is there any consensus as to the "best" (if there is such a thing) mic for a BD for live shows? I have been using an old Shure but was hoping to find another good sounding mic that is less bulky to mount onto my hoop with a goose neck holder. The Shure is way too heavy.
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    Very ignorant mic set up question

    Sorry if this is a real stupid question, but I have little experience with live micing (other than sound guys doing it). I have mics for my snare, toms and bd that typically all run into whatever PA/mixer stuff is around. My question: is there a small device/mixer/box that I can plug this stuff...
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    Tea Towel mystery

    Sure it's not Bernard Purdie's face?
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    What music styles, genres etc. do you or will you not play?

    Disco. Hated it in the 70's and still do.
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    Tama Star Snare Stand

    The offset is why I sold my dw 9000 series snare stand and picked up the Tama star stand. No issues at all. Really solid well designed stand.
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    Compression and reverb in recording

    Thank you guys, that certainly clarifies things.