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    I was asked...why are cymbals round?

    Cymbals are round, because it's the fastest, most cost-effective shape to make them, and drummers are cheap. Matt - a cheap drummer
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    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    I think it's just the camera angle that makes it look less. But, I could be wrong. Give it a shot and report back? Matt
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    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    Pretty sure that they were just demonstrating how to flip a thin cymbal back into the regular shape once it has been inverted. I could see that the edge bend in that cymbal was still there. Matt
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    Time to go cymbal collection - old k land

    Dammit! Sorry to hear it, Dana. Matt
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    Old Friends return 40 years later

    Nice! Matt
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    Enlighten Me on Cymbal Design

    I find out what they are working with, what they are looking to get out of it, and let them know the feasibility and likelihood of success. If success looks like low odds, I suggest alternative, high-success-odds outcomes based upon what they have. Or, I completely ignore the whole thing...
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    Enlighten Me on Cymbal Design

    It worked. Consider it well-pulled. This is the first I'm hearing about it. As far answers for the OP, you dudes have it pretty nailed as far as I can tell. I say this a lot..... Making cymbals isn't rocket science. But, it does take practice. Thanks, Matt
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    Drum Painter

    Excellent work! Matt
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    Cerakoted bells

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    Just got my first 22" Trans Stamp!

    On vintage cymbals, I generally clean them with soap and water, and leave the patina be. Who wants to come away with fifty years of drummer smeg on their fingers every time they touch their cymbal? Matt
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    Need a recommendation for a professional-level, all-around, versatile cymbal set

    Contact an independent cymbalsmith and have them make you a custom set to your exact needs and specifications. You don't have to put up with factory-churned cymbals. You deserve better. Treat yourself! Thanks, Matt
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    How to ruin or improve a cymbal

    Thanks, guys. I have to admit, "Safety 3rd" has been a tongue-in-cheek anthem of mine for years. However, with turning cymbals, our hands are just way too close to both the lathe and the workpiece to risk using a direct-drive set-up. If you ever want to see some truly horrific sheeet, look up...
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    How to ruin or improve a cymbal

    I do not recommend direct-drive cymbal lathes. Even one that uses a low-powered motor can easily cause permanent damage to hands and arm joints. If you build your own lathe, I recommend you make it belt-driven. Belts will usually slip and leave your fingers attached if get caught in your...
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    Writing weights on cymbals

    Correct, Steve. And, yes, I would like everybody to know. Thanks! Matt
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    Writing weights on cymbals

    I use the year it was made and the weight for the serial number on my cymbals. Not sure if that helps drummers, but it helps me organize photos and info. Matt