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    Quarantine Crashes

    I don't make a whole lot of crashes. It's just not a very cost effective use of my cymbalsmithing time. However, times are tough, money is tight, and everybody's gigs have been cancelled. So, I'm currently making smaller cymbals that won't break the bank. Please, purchase one. ....or more...
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    Cymbal weights

    I also think that weight is a useful piece of information. That's why it is part of the serial numbers I put on my cymbals. I also include the year I make a cymbal. That helps me duplicate them upon request. Original purchasers of my cymbals will also know if it's a crash, ride, or...
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    Holy moly! Funch, jazz cymbals. Gregory Hutchinson visits workshop.

    I was afraid of that. I certainly did not mean for it to come off that way. No sour grapes here. Good luck to Lasse and all of the other new cymbalsmiths out there! Matt
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    Holy moly! Funch, jazz cymbals. Gregory Hutchinson visits workshop.

    From a marketing standpoint, I agree. From a craftsman's standpoint, I think that the best thing one can do to make good cymbals is to spend a lot of time making a lot of cymbals. Matt
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    Holy moly! Funch, jazz cymbals. Gregory Hutchinson visits workshop.

    I'm not sure I agree with that. I'm a terrible drummer now. Why? Because, I've spent the last 14 years practicing cymbalsmithing instead of practicing drumming. Matt
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    Is there a difference between double-pedal for one bass drum - and two bass drums?

    The best part of a double bass set-up is doubling your squeak with a pair of Speed Kings. Matt
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    I Think My Ears Are Broken ... Or The Cymbal Manufacturers Have Given Up

    I believe that if we work together, you and I could develop the crashes that you're looking for. Working directly with your cymbalsmith is like having a suit made for you on Savile Row instead of sporting a polyester leisure suit from JC Penney. Be 007, not Mr. Furley. Jan 2019 marked by...
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    Unwarping a cymbal ?

    It can be re-tensioned on a cymbal lathe without cutting it. However, it's old, thin , and brittle. I'd leave it alone and just play it nicely. Matt
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    I have two 20" paperthins up this week. $1 start and No Reserve Price! Thanks! Matt
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    Meinl cymbal discoloring

    Looks like somebody applied a patina solution to me. However, I will not discount the possibility of heat damage. As a buyer, I would stay away unless I were confident that they had not been heated. Matt
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    Zenstat you are not allowed to leave

    I'm running out of places to troll you, Steve. But, don't worry. I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too. Matt
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    I was asked...why are cymbals round?

    Cymbals are round, because it's the fastest, most cost-effective shape to make them, and drummers are cheap. Matt - a cheap drummer
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    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    I think it's just the camera angle that makes it look less. But, I could be wrong. Give it a shot and report back? Matt
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    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    Pretty sure that they were just demonstrating how to flip a thin cymbal back into the regular shape once it has been inverted. I could see that the edge bend in that cymbal was still there. Matt
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    Time to go cymbal collection - old k land

    Dammit! Sorry to hear it, Dana. Matt