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    Paiste Blue Bell Ride

    It's interesting that you feel that way. I always played Zildjian until fairly recently, and I feel like Paiste sounds much more pleasing behind the kit.
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    Paiste Blue Bell Ride

    My Blue Bell is 3599g.
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    Paiste Blue Bell Ride

    I think you've described the Blue Bell very well. I'll try to weigh mine later and see - it does feel pretty heavy. I haven't played it out, but it doesn't seem too loud to me - at least behind the kit.
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    Paiste Blue Bell Ride

    I have one that I picked up a few months ago. I'm really not in love with it. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for when I was listening to samples, but it doesn't really thrill me in real life. (The samples were accurate, though.) I'll have to put it on the stand and see how I feel...
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    Favorite Drum Stick?

    With the whole Regal Tip situation, I've been all over the place with sticks... I hate to think about how much I've spent looking for replacements. Right now I'm using ProMark Rick Latham sticks with 2 coats of Bullseye shellac. Seems to be working out pretty well for now.
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    Lightest drumset you own?

    My lightest set is my Summit solid shelled maple drums. I haven't weighed it, but I'm always shocked at how light the bass drum is. As I bought it used, I didn't choose the hardware. I believe it's Pearl, and I don't think it was specifically chosen to be lightweight. As for body - this set...
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    The last concert I went to was.........................

    I try to go to see a lot of concerts... I think the last really BIG production I saw was pre-pandemic, and it was Iron Maiden in Hartford, August 2019. Then I saw a number of smaller shows at least through the end of October 2019. I have seen 4 shows since the fall - Ben Folds, Thana Alexa...
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    Snare Pairs

    Congratulations on the 5". That size is my favorite!
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    Yamaha PHX owners: Tell me about your drums?

    Wow! Beautiful drums!
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    Holiday Rock for ya!

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. You have a great holiday as well!
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    Favourite Canadian drummers

    I was glad to see Paul DeLong mentioned early on - love his work with The Code. I didn't see Vito Rezza mentioned - phenomenal drummer with 5 After 4.
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    Snare Pairs

    I need to get a picture of them, but I have Zelkova triplets - 5", 6.5", and 8".
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    Live From My Drum Room With Denny Tedesco - Director/Producer of The Wrecking Crew!

    Great episode! The Wrecking Crew is such a great documentary. Looking forward to The Immediate Family as well. Denny is a self-effacing guy who tells an interesting story, but he's actually interesting all on his own. Thanks for doing/posting this!
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    2 x snare day. Xmas arrived!

    Very nice! Congratulations on the new snares!
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    New Snare Day!!

    Congratulations on all the snares! As to the Zelkova, I'm a big fan of them. I've told the story before, but when I got back into drumming a few years ago I became interested in them as I'm a Carlos Vega fan... I was able to find a used one and went from there. I had some other snares that I...