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    Live From My Drum Room/MD Podcast With Keith Carlock!

    Another great interview! Keith is a favorite - I've seen him with Steely Dan a whole bunch and I got to see him with Toxic Monkey as well. Actually got to chat with him quick at that show - super nice guy! John, I'm sure you have everything planned out for all your upcoming interviews... I'm...
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    Newly Released Brilliant Morello 1967

    This is also going to be released on vinyl 4/23 for Record Store Day for those who like that...
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    Pretty Mural Dedicated on Bernard Purdie Day in Elkton, MD

    I love Bernard Purdie. Going to see him a week from tomorrow.
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    Video Interview

    GREAT interview! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and experience.
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    Earthtone 16" Head

    Hello, I'm looking for an Earthtone 16" head for my floor tom. The newer the better. I realize there are better quality hide options out there, but I already have Earthtone heads for my other drums in the set. Please let me know what you have and what your price would be. Thanks, Pat
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    Mike Mangini.

    That seemed to be the hot topic of discussion around where we were sitting last night. Maybe not the monster kit he's had, but still a big kit. The toms (all but 1) seemed to be concert toms.
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    Mike Mangini.

    I took my son to that show! That's a really nice venue - I'd been there once before. (I'm not really fan of DT or, at least that side, of Mangini's drumming...)
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    Gretsch purchase

    Beautiful drums!
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    Here are some non stock photo pics of my kits:
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    Crack(s) in finish - new Gretsch USA Custom

    Here's a pic of the kit:
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    Crack(s) in finish - new Gretsch USA Custom

    That's an adventure! At least they kept trying to make it right.
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    Crack(s) in finish - new Gretsch USA Custom

    Thanks! Yes, I'm really happy with how the seller handled it. Gretsch too - I didn't expect to be able to hold on to the tom.
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    Is Stewart Copeland playing DW's now???

    In my opinion, this is one of the issues of people in the audience filming and then posting. If you were there and in the moment, this might have been fantastic. It's impossible now, (having not been there), not to watch it without seeing/hearing what went wrong. When I'm out at a concert I...
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    Crack(s) in finish - new Gretsch USA Custom

    UPDATE: I decided to go ahead and request a replacement. I know this may happen again due to the nature of the nitrocellulose lacquer, but I guess I just wanted the set to start out perfect... I contacted the store to get the ball rolling, and they just let me know that Gretsch says I can...
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    I'm very late to the whole Gretsch world. I got a 3 piece USA Custom in Oct 2021, and I just fell in love with it. The sound, the way the drums feel when you play them, and the resonance and sustain seems just perfect to me. I had done a lot of research, and one of the things I saw repeated...