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    Any good Art Taylor or Billy Higgin albums to recommend?

    In the late fifties, early 60's, Higgins did some recordings with sax and flute player Paul Horn. One of my 'if I could only have 10 albums' albums is Paul Horn's Something Blue. Higgins playing is fiery and refined, to me incredible knowing he's in his early twenties. It also has the great gone...
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    Trends on the forum over the years

    Isn't it about time for another occasional recurring cajon bashing thread?
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    Drumhead Magazine - Is it defunct?

    As some of you probably experienced, when DRUM! stopped printing my advance subscription purchase got rolled in to extend my Drumhead subscription. I like Drumhead because it's had a more international, less trendy outlook and more in depth stories about amazing musicians I wouldn't have known...
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    Drum bag advice

    In my experience Protection Racket is great and ridiculously long lasting which makes it cheap in the long run. +1 on the Humes and Berg Drum Seeker. I have found the best protection is making sure you're the main person or only person handling your drums
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    Cheap Storage unit in Los Angeles!?

    Best deal I've found is Saf-Keep Storage on San Fernando Rd near the 2 in Atwater/Glendale area
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    For you Dave Brubeck Take 5 fans

    I remember hearing an interview where Dave Brubeck explained that early on he didn't feel comfortable soloing in 5 but he knew he could nail that vamp all the way through and that became the song we know
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    Who's got a vintage Stereo Hi-Fi set up at home?

    Beautiful equipment! What are some recommendations for a good auto-return turntable? Manuals are great for attentive listening but what about when I want to set it and forget it, am engaged in other activities or (gasp) someone else is going to be handling records or using the equipment? Thanks.
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    Drumming and Cycling

    In my foot/cycling /drumming experience, I had plantar fascitis which was like a bad cramp in the feet in the morning with pain diminishing as I moved around more. I got some of those cheap almost barefoot wading shoes and decided it was stiff hard shoes, even running shoes, keeping all those...
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    Drumming and Cycling

    Renno, it's great that you have an 'out in the country' place to enjoy your bike rides. I'm out here in the scary smoke choked air in southern California where I don't even want to breathe, let alone try to ride a bike. Lots of people are having a horrible time.
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    Any Premier experts here?

    Found a lonely scuffed but otherwise great shape translucent green stain 14" Artist Maple tom at a garage sale for cheap. It was not drilled for legs or a tom mount. I cut it up for hoops and reinforcing rings, got some really nice goatskins from Shorty Palmer in east Tennessee and made 3...
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    I got a stone leveling surface!!!

    A nice piece of granite is great as long as you don't have to move it around too much. I have found that just about any 3/8" or 1/2" piece of tempered glass is pretty dead flat and fine for drum work. I've picked up curb side discards for myself and others. My commercial cabinet work netted me a...
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    Drumming and Cycling

    EvEnStEvEn, that started as an entry to mid-level French bike from a manufacturer in St. Etienne during what they called the bike boom in the 70's. Distributors would slap their foil stickers on them and many identical obscure brand decent workhorse bikes are probably still out there, or at...
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    Drumming and Cycling

    This is a bike i've had since the 70's. After collecting dust in storage over 30 years i decided to refurbish it and ride it again and just finished it a few days ago
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    Edges w/o a router?

    All a bunch of good info here. My .02? Of course a decent router, sharp bit, stable table and serious attention is the way to go, or have it done professionally. If you want to experiment for your own amusement I suggest a thrift store to get some cheap crap drums and a bunch of sandpaper...
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    vintage ludwig - I'm a believer!

    fun2drum, since you opened the door to being slightly off-topic in this thread, do you know about Shorty Palmer's Djembe Drums and Skins in Seymour TN near Knoxville, kind of in your neck of the woods? He imports djembes and other high quality African drums but also gets drum bodies without...