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    Bosphorus Traditionals

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    Bosphorus Traditionals

    Bump willing to split up the set.
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    Bosphorus Traditionals

    Yes! 15" hats 1072/1280 18" crash 1370 19" crash 1426 22" ride 2700
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    Q Gentlemans Brass Seamless Shell Snare

    Q 5.5x14 Brass Gentlemans Snare. Q drums out of LA makes their own deep drawn seamless shell snares. 8 lug, Inde Throw off. Just a great workhorse snare with a wide tuning range. $550 shipped to the lower 48. Email [email protected]
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    Bosphorus Traditionals

    Selling a great set of Bosphorus Traditionals. 15" Crisp Hats 18" Medium Thin Crash 19" Thin Crash 22" Medium Thin Ride Great set that can cover a lot of ground. $700 plus shipping in the lower 48. Email [email protected]
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    Montineri 9 ply Snare Drum For Sale

    More wood less glue so more tone.
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    Austin Era Fibes...Anyone know what happened to Tommy and why he never re-opened?

    I know this thread is long dead but I just got a Fibes Topaz Orange Kit and reached out to Tommy. Seems like he's gonna launch at some point again.
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Looking for a 20 or 22 Fibes Austin Era bass drum and 15 or 16 floor Tom.
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    Sold Jenkins Martin Spun Fiberglass Drum Set

    Monday bump. $2,200
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    Sold Jenkins Martin Spun Fiberglass Drum Set

    Mako Grey Slate Lacquer kit one of a kind. 14x20,15x15, 8x12. These drums have incredible projection and low end. I can ship to the lower 48. Asking $2,200Email [email protected] or send me a pm. Here's a quick iPhone video.
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    Sold 21" Bosphorus Flat Ride Mint Condition 2150 grams

    21" Bosphorus SW Series Flat Ride. This cymbal has a tremendous amount of stick. Great for low volume gigs. Nice shoulder crash. $250 shipped to the lower 48. Sound file below. Email [email protected]
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    Jojo Mayer Pedal for DW 9000