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    SOLD 22” Zildjian 1960’s Ride Cymbal 2578g $165 Shipped Soundfile Added

    what a beauty! love to hear a recording of it.
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    Istanbul 19" Turk ride

    ohhhh..sound file?
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    20” Sabian Artisan Light Ride SOLD

    Man! If i just hadn't dropped so much money on cymbals (one being similar to this beauty) I'd be all over this! Seriously, this is a great deal.....somebody buy it!
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    Arranging with a Group

    Try referencing a recording (that you and the drummer are familiar with) that is of a similar feel or even just beatboxing/singing the drum part can be helpful in my experience. Your drummer should be able to help you out with vocabulary from there.
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    Time for a new cymbal bag -

    The 22" Gator backpack has served me well for a while. I overstuffed the front pocket too many times and the zipper is on the fritz but if you are mindful of that it should fit a small stick-bag and tablet...
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    Sabian Cymbals you wish they'd make or make again

    I've recently heard the discontinued Will Calhoun Ambient ride on some online clips. Medium-thin with a slight complex wash with an articulate dry stick. Amazing cymbal!
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    22” Sabian Artisan Light Ride

    My goodness you have an audio/ video clip?
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Couple of recent shots. I've started taking a pic at every gig (standing on the throne, looking down at them)
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    Diril Janara - Copper cymbals

    Ah, this makes much more sense than the alloy being different! haha thanks for this
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    Diril Janara - Copper cymbals

    Hi all, I was doing my usual (obsessive ) cymbal browsing and came upon the Diril Janara rides. The description mentions they are an (all?) copper cymbal? the audio files are fantastic! I thought I might see if anyone has owned/played one and could give a proper review? thanks! Diril Janara...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just got these in. I commissioned a few plates from Nickymoon cymbals 2 20” rides Short video of them (YouTube link) Havent had much opportunity to play them yet (apartment life) but have a few rehearsals this week with gigs through the month. Excited to get em out in the wild!
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    Bag for roto-toms? (or other transport options?)

    Thanks y’all! I figured I’d have to find something close (dimensions) and do a mod on it. Great suggestions! I may try to contact humes and berg too. cheers
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    Bag for roto-toms? (or other transport options?)

    Hey y'all! I recently bought a great set of used roto-toms and have been having fun with them. They even made the cut to be a part of a regular set-up for one of the bands I play with! But now I have a problem: How do I transport these suckers? I'd like to try and find a bag that can hold the...
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    Help With First Time ReWrapping

    I've wrapped two kits myself using Walopus wraps and the tape method. Been gigging with the kits for a couple of years and It's held up beautifully! Be patient when wrapping ;)
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    Considering a very small drum set and would like some advice.

    Depending on the gig, yeah some felt strips on the batter. Sometimes we're wallpaper, or in a small room and we need to be quieter than we'd like, haha Outdoor gigsor bigger rooms without mics, I take the felt off and let that sucker rip!