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    LP Banda Snare?

    Well, DW does own LP now. :wink:
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    New DW universal snare throw-off "Mini Mag"

    This looks very interesting, I’m a big fan of DW hardware!
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    My cymbals for Offers

    Man, you’ve got a lot of good stuff! Unfortunately I don’t have what you need. :mellow:
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    Done with RIMS mounts!

    I modified my RIMS mounts, as I didn’t like the big square plate. I used the DW fish plates that come on their piccolo toms. I like the sleeker look to them.
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    Amazing fb marketplace purchase....

    This was to show that a shell could be spun starting with an interior color, then spun over that with an external color.
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    Amazing fb marketplace purchase....

    This kit was actually for the 2014 Chicago Drum Show. ;)
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    Would a twisted badge on a brand new tom bother you?

    Its an imperfect world.....just leave it be. ;) Play it, and enjoy it! :)
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    Throw off arm for 20’s Super Ludwig

    Contact Mike Curotto
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    Rush's final song at their final concert

    I was there. :cool:
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    Last Call: 60’s Ludwig Clubdate 13/15/22

    Great sizes....GLWS. B)
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    “At Home” performance with local high school orchestra

    I really enjoyed this David, thanks for posting! :)
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    WTB early Sabian HH 16" crash

    Bump for early Sabian HH 16" Crash cymbal.
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    My buddy's Police Trib band

    Mike Nieland Mike Nieland on drums.
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    WTB early Sabian HH 16" crash

    Ok, looks like I've found a Splash. Any 16" Crashes? would love a Thin!