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    Gig Video, Band's First Time Out

    Good stuff KO, great song list!
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    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    Whoa.....fricken amazing! Congrats!
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    My Blues Band

    That’s some real good stuff there!
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    Coated Ambassador VS. Ambassador X

    They are my go to snare head!
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    Got my new sticks. Thanks to Jeff Rich and London Drumstick Co.

    sounds like an interesting size. I still have some 747 style from Jeff.
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    14" paiste bottom wanted

    Tkillian has a 14” 2002 medium for sale, under the “29 cymbals” for sale thread.
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    Ludwig 3ply Green Sparkle 12/15/20

    Cool kit, love the green sparkle, and the sizes! GLWS.
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    Show us your fans...

    I use a “Blowit” fan, that’s clamped to my hi-hat. It has a flexible gooseneck that lets me position it perfectly. These fans are smooth, powerful, and quiet.
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    playing around on hal blaine's monster set

    That is so cool, Donn's kit I take it? ;-)
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    These items were displayed at the Chicago show this past weekend, very cool!
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    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Damn, I can’t believe I missed him. I was pretty busy at the J-M booth though.
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    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Nice shell Kevin! Was Bernie Stone there? I didn’t see him.
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    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Wishing all the best for you Chris.
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    George Way Kit is heading my WAY!

    This is great to hear! See you in Chicago! B)