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    CAKE "The Distance"

    I love cake!
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    O.T. Songs you want played at your funeral

    When things get bad for me I’m going to go out on a shark fishing charter. after we toss the buckets of chum in and the sharks start swimming around the boat I’m just going to jump in. so I guess gone fishing from Brad paisley will be fitting
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    OT: Lady Gaga’s Dog

    This whole thing had to be planned, how does someone not involved end up with the dogs for a $500,000 reward. also, it’s very obvious that the world cares more about dogs than human life.
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    18 y/o Karen Carpenter

    Her voice on superstar will melt you!
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    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    I like the first dw kit, after that I believe it really comes down to a horrible recording. Snakes and arrows is not bad, vapor trails is something that they should have been ashamed of, it’s horrible and they know it. They had the money to put out something stellar sounding and they put out a...
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    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    But they make 23 inch bass drums, lol
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    1958 Slingerland kit

    With the matching snare this is more than a fair deal, you better jump quick before he changes his mind
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    Large Amount of Vintage Drums that I don't know what to do with

    Where do you live? Someone will surely show up and take it all
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    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    Matt Cameron makes an A zildjian medium ride sound like magic!
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    Neil Peart's Zilco / Azco ride from the 70s and 80s

    I’m going with the zildjian ping
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    Pearl what is up with them lately ?

    What is up with the session studio select series? Seems like a great deal to me
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    OT: Travelling to the Alps!

    We went to Munich Germany, and all over bavaria, innsbruck Austria, milan Italy and a very small village in the chianti region just south of Florence in June 2018. Already planning the next one. Major history everywhere you look.
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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    Southwest Florida in 7 years
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    Dropped Facebook

    Saw it, people let their happiness hinge on this not true. What a joke, I do like getting under people’s skin though.