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    Thomas Lang is such a beast.

    Wow, this guy plays just like me, I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!! WOW! Been a fan for a while, he’s one of those guys who is taking it to the next level.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    Primus, devo, the bad plus, many more, might as well throw cake in there
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    70's oyster blue

    The toms sound great! They were tuned up in the medium tight range when I received them and they sounded so good that I left them that way. Nice resonance. I need to try some other heads on the bass drum. It has a fiberskin batter with a ambassador weight Reso. Going to try a ps3 for the batter...
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    My new old Leedy kit

    Wow, the top of that 15 is probably 40 inches off the floor.
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    What is the most unusual kit you've played? rare, famous, unusual set up, etc.

    Jaimo’s old Gretsch kit, 13,16,26
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    Time for a brand new kit....

    Here’s the deal with the DW design kit. They sound good, but not that good, they are Pearl exports or tama rockstars with a dw badge, go with the Gretsch
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    SOLD Paiste 2000 China and Z crash

    Paiste 16 inch 2000 China, needs a light cleaning, hole is a little rough, camera won’t pick it up. There are no cracks, flea bites or keyholing. I set it up on my kit and played some ride patterns and crashed it a few times, it’s a fun cymbal, not harsh. $110.00 shipped 16 inch Z series light...
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    Time for a brand new kit....

    Go with gretsch
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    I ordered a Jenkins-Martin 3-piece drum kit.

    Good looking drums, black is just classy!
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    Short documentary on the making of Rush’s Snakes & Arrows album

    Snakes and arrows is my favorite of their last 3
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    Sold Players supra

    Obo means 150 shipped!
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    Favorite 90's Drummers

    what a killer performance
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    Sold Players supra

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    I spy

    The cymbals were med ride, med crash, K dark crash, Z light power crash, which sounds really nice by the way, New beats and a paiste 2000 China