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    The Def Poison Crüe Announce Summer 2020 Tour. Ugh!

    Tommy Lee, if you lurk on this forum, please take note, tell your singer Vince Neil that he sounds like a pigs ass
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    Just got back from the drum store...

    I would check on this, maybe you win a free trip to?????
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    The Rim Riser

    Flip the stick around
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    Messing Around with My Slingerlands

    Very nice!
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    Numbness and Tingling

    Have you been looking at pictures of Jennifer Anniston?
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    SOLD - THANK YOU - Ludwig supraphonic 400 blue/olive badge 8 lug snare.

    I sold one of these on here about 2 years ago, except mine had bow tie lugs, good luck
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    Ludwig kit info

    They are still available
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    Ludwig kit info

    Those mounts come from the 80’s when Drum companies went with the bigger is better theory. They are called modular mounts and are fine, just ugly as hell.
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    1971 Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5” value?

    I was thinking $250.00 tops, we would need a picture to see how bad the pitting is
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    Just got back from the drum store...

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    Upper Tier Snares and the Veblen Effect?

    At the end of the day you have to make yourself happy. I owned 2 high end kits in a row and still felt the need to downgrade, lol. I settled with 6 ply ludwigs. Is it really a downgrade though? Look back and think about how many kick ass records were made with drums just like mine.
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    N&C SS Madagascar Rosewood

    Badge placement is so weird it looks like they cut a floor Tom in half and made a snare out of it
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    Who Is the Best Noodly Doodly Drummer of 2019?

    Danny and Gavin for me, what they do behind the kit never sounds forced
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