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    ludwig classic or premier signia

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    In-ear monitors

    I just went through getting my ear impressions taken three times in a week and a half because the company my IEM’s came from needed new impressions to rebuild my left side ear piece that got shattered. These IEM’s were 8 years old and worked & fit fine. They don’t keep impressions past five...
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    Drum shop owner?

    Mike Gallus of Mike’s Drum Shop in Villa Park, IL is a good friend and I try to support his shop as much as possible. He’s very involved in the Chicago music community and has a great relationship with most of the musicians in the area.
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    A bit of vintage Premier fun, how do you like that finish?

    I have a PD6033 (5x14 10 lug mahogany shell) that came to me with the start of those spots. The gold wasn’t faded as bad but there were a few spots where the top layer was delaminating from the sparkle layer underneath. Ended up stripping/rewrapping it in silver sparkle.
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    Tempus/Milestones drums

    I don't recall the final price of the set, it wasn't cheap as it started out as a double bass kit w/four toms. 8" tom added a little later (he had to remake that shell as he got the ratio of red glitter/solid red background wrong the first time around), then had the 10x12 tom replaced w/an...
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    Quick Premier question

    Yes, that badge was in use from 87-94. Everything during that period was UK made.
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    Tempus/Milestones drums

    They're great sounding drums, if you find some that are built well definitely grab them. I had a huge shell bank of red glitter drums (the double bass kit on the Tempus FB page was mine, mounted up on a Falicon cage). Paul was always a gentleman to me, but unfortunately he had a tendency to...
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    OT: Blow-Pops or Tootsie-Pops

    I’ve always preferred fruity candies over chocolate. Blow Pops for me.
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    Premier aluminum shell vs Acrolite ?

    These are what you want to find if you want the Premier version of an Acro. These are the PD6021, built for the US market in the 70’s and were the stock snare for the 6000 series Powerhouse kits. They’re essentially the hybrid of an Acro and a Supra as it’s an aluminum shell w/8 lugs like an...
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    Aquarian DeJohnette Drum Heads

    I’ve played a few snares that have had them over the years, always thought they sounded fine. My go to snare heads are coated CS dots and coated ambassadors so I never grabbed one for myself. If you like Remo you may also want to consider the black suede heads. THOSE I’ve bought before and...
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    What's Your Approach to Playing in a Tribute Band?

    I've played in tribute bands doing Queensryche, Styx, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith. As mentioned early on, I would learn the studio version of the song and then scope out various live versions for endings, medleys, etc. that were part of the "live experience" of seeing any of those artists...
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    My first Austin era Fibes!

    The SFT is great for sure, but you’re limited as to what wires you can use with that system. I’m looking forward to trying some 42’s on this drum.
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    My first Austin era Fibes!

    I was hanging out at Mike’s Drum Shop in Villa Park, IL yesterday and fell in love with this snare. I’ve only seen a few Austin era Fibes drums in the flesh and this was the first wood snare that I’d had the chance to play. When you find an instrument that speaks to you sometimes you just have...
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    Mid 1990s Premier XPK question

    Partly true. All APK’s (long lug and small lug) had black interiors. XPK long lug kits had black interiors and were changed to natural interiors when the line was revamped to the small lug version.
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    Cymbals for country music

    I got lots of compliments on the various Paiste Twentys, Dark Energies and reissued 602’s I was using with various country bands over the last 10-15 years. They’re all darker or lower volume and stayed out of the way of the vocals and lead lines very well.