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    Yamaha Power V snare

    I had one a number of years ago, came with a used Premier kit I'd bought. I thought it sounded great for an inexpensive snare.
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    Premier resonators

    Late 80’s/early 90’s Resonators were painted/lacquered.
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    Big Beats Big Smiles

    There was a 20" Big Beat at Chicago Music Exchange a few years ago that I wanted to take home with me. I'm too heavy handed for the hats to work, or to use the larger sizes as rides. I'd probably love the 18/19/20 as crashes but I'd have to pair them with something heavier like the SE or heavy...
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    Worst stage you ever played on.

    Two that come to mind were a park district gig where they had the band set up in the grass. I think they had ONE piece of warped plywood that I attempted to set up on. Second was a rock club called Penny Road Pub where they pushed all the pool tables together and literally screwed sheets of...
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    Anyone knows what brand of drums is this?

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    Paiste line comparison video by DCP

    Horses for courses I guess. This is certainly not the sonic impression I’m left with when I listen to Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Tool, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, etc. I’ve personally been playing Paiste since 92, my wife will attest that I hear noises in the house, while driving, etc that no one...
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    Remote recording/online collaboration video finished! Fun & Funny...

    :) Mission accomplished! :) Glad you dug it!
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    Remote recording/online collaboration video finished! Fun & Funny...

    I posted my recording performance video for this tune in the video section awhile back, but I thought the final full production video might be appreciated enough here. We’ve got a pretty impressive community of musicians in the suburbs of Chicago, many of whom I’ve gotten to be friends with...
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    Anybody Own Any Modern Premier Drums?

    Since we’re doing show & tell, this is what I get to chose from:
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    Anybody Own Any Modern Premier Drums?

    I’ve played a few of the reissue Genistas, they’re ok drums but weren’t built to be top line gear like the originals. The last of the U.K. made stuff seemed nice, Vic’s had a Spitfire snare awhile back that I was close to buying. The only new product I see them posting on social media are...
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    Recommendations for recording interface?

    I’m a big fan of the Audient interfaces. I started with an iD14 (2 onboard pres and expandable to 10 inputs via adat) and recently upgraded to the iD44 (4 onboard pres and expandable to 20 inputs via adat).
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    Pearl Music City Custom solid shell snares who makes the shells ?

    Wow, I really liked the Ash & Walnut drums. Seems like the resonance & sustain is naturally more controlled with those two woods.
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    New 602 Mediums & Heavy's

    I'm eagerly hoping that a 22" heavy will be added at some point. A local shop had a blue label 21" heavy awhile back that I really, really liked. The slightly lower pitch of a 22" would have been perfect.
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    Looks like Paiste’s patent on the Novo China must have expired...
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    Would you buy an add on in a different finish?

    My OCD wouldn't let me do it unless the plan was to eventually refinish the whole set of shells.