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    Premier Genista 90's. Some opinions needed

    $800 is a great price if it came with a snare, just an alright price w/o. Personally I’d see if you can get them for $600. As has already been said, these are some of the best birch drums ever made. Finnish birch shells, 6mm undersized shells (similar to Sonor), lighter 1.8mm TR8 hoops...
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    New bass drum muffler (Kicker)

    A buddy of mine brought his new SQ2 kit over to my studio to record some A/B samples with his existing SQ2. He’s one of the owners of Mike’s Drum Shop in Villa Park, IL and they have a few of the Kickers muffles in stock so he brought one along to try. It was labeled as 18” deep but it came up...
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    Sorry to hear you were sick. I had it back in December, thought it was my yearly head/chest cold I get this time each year. Never had a fever, cough, etc. Thought I bounced back after three days but then lost the taste/smell on the fourth day. Took a few weeks for that to resolve itself. I’m...
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    The Art of the Drum: a Pork Pie story

    Bill hasn’t used Keller shells for quite some time.
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    Great new album by The Dead Daisies.

    No doubt. He played a theater in my town in 2018/19, performing an entire show of Deep Purple tunes. He can still hit notes that make every dog in the neighborhood tilt their heads...
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    Is it a Sonor SQ2 demo, or an Alice In Chains cover?

    My good friend Mike Gallus of Mike’s Drum Shop in Villa Park, IL lent me his brand new medium beech SQ2 kit to play around with in my studio. So I shot video while tracking the drums to a drumless version of Would? that I found on YouTube. I am really impressed with the toms on this kit! They...
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    Best double bass drum pedal at any price?

    I’m happy with the DW9000 double with the extended foot boards that I got a few years ago. It replaced a 20 year old Tama Iron Cobra that has been retired to home use. The Tama is still a great usable pedal, and with gigging being very limited this last year, I’ve probably spent more time with...
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    Paiste Dark Crisp Sigs.

    Paiste were certainly chasing the "old K" vibe when they introduced the Traditionals: "Paiste has undertaken a remarkable historical research project aimed at accurately re-creating the "lost" cymbal sounds of the 40's-50's-60's era, the Golden Age of Blues, Jazz, Big Band, and Be-Bop...
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    Paiste Dark Crisp Sigs.

    Traditionals are Signature alloy. I have a set of 14” from 96 that are magical.
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    More Paiste talk- Dark Energy rides

    I’ve had a 22” MKII for over 10 years, it’s one of my favorite rides. Rarely will you find a crashable ride that has a strong enough bell. The ride also has a quality that I can’t say I’ve found in any other cymbal: you can go from riding the bow, crash it, and when you go back to riding the...
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    Paiste Dark Crisp Sigs.

    I sold my 13" DC hats back when the recession killed the construction business 12-13 years ago. I really wish I'd have been able to hold on to them, they were an 18th birthday gift from my parents and are still to this day the only 13" hats I really cared for. Hope you dig em!
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    Vintage Premier Snare question

    The 2000 would have been considered their premium metal drum. The PD6021 seems like something they put together to have a snare to complete the Powerhouse 6500 kits they were making for the US market.
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    Premier Genistas thoughts? Opinions?

    It’s a 90’s version. Yamahas association with Premier ended in 1992, the Genista was released in 1994. Yamaha didn’t manufacture anything for Premier, they provided the means for Premier to update their manufacturing capabilities.