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    Tony Williams 4 on the floor hi hat

    does anyone know the back story on how he developed that incredible left foot?....i assume it was a break away from the past of doing the same on bass drum...but it must have either taken a while to develop gradually, ...or did he just break into 300 bpm one day? I remember being a few feet away...
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    Liability insurance required for wedding gig?

    that sounds like a bebop story....someone threw a cymbal at someone....cant remember who....sigh..another senior's moment....
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    Teaching subdivisions

    ok to click
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    How to behave like a pro ?

    mannnny moons ago i went to a Grady Tate clinic in nyc...and his main pt was having good hygiene and pro conduct ..etc...he was meticulous...suit and tie old school..as was Ed Thigpen and of course the gentleman of gentlemen Louis Bellson, who was also kind and humble..."Always be humble and kind"
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    I Hate Virgin Bass Drums and the Resulting Need for Stand Mounted Toms

    fyi...on the reality of bass drum tuning keith and stanford somewhere i saw a clip on A/B with tom/without tom mount, and the difference was notable....in a pristine situation...i.e. acoustic recording...totally wasted when padding/micing for live etc. take it or leave it, but the same is...
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    Teaching subdivisions

    love it love it love it https://www.facebook.com/lesalondelamusique/posts/pfbid02tDtgz6WgCfp3P1q9GYP4qSgTqBedtq2MqMWeuSiVzhGgwk1sMSr93nRQkrM5CC6el
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    Is it too late to join the ruckus on the “great gretsch sound” from offshore drums. ? I love Gretsch and have renown and cat jazz. But it’s all nostalgia driven. Nights with Elvin and Tony is not = to anything offshore. Great pricing and quality though…just sayin…. wish I wasn’t 74 and...
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    Anyone gone full earthtone/calf tone etc on Renown or Cat jazz?
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    Just don’t go black dots. I always thought that was the bridge better not crossed.. RIP Dearest Tony
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    What Elvin Jones CAN (could) do!!

    THANK YOU!! i had the honor to sit a few feet from Elvin, and Tony, and Gary Burton at the jazz club in boston cerca 1971., nursing a coke and paying no cover. Elvin was a freight train, Tony was a magical octopus, Burton was the hippy guy with the psychelic painted vibe tubes and fringed...
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    broken drum

    say hello to my cute litle new little new and brokenfriend...ceramic, and a casulty of an overhead compartment by the importer. Some pieces missing and main body is cracked. Suggestions for filing the holes etc.? thanks in advance!
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    Show us your fav kit/sound

    this is buttttttttttterrrrrrr! Mike Johnston on gretsch bop kit
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    Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins kick drum

    i have heard horrible/cheap kits sound quite decent with new and good heads...IMHO
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    Have you compared Calftone/Earthtone/Fiberskyn "vintage" heads?

    Am curious as to your thoughts? Did you do batter+reso heads?.....did you test with batter only? Conclusions (worth the cost?) I have only tried Fiberskyn Dip on snare....very nice, but gentle/soft sound for brushes. About half the volume of a reg brush head......not so fond of stick sound...