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    Is this cymbal damage as bad as it looks?

    Only the che Only the cheapest junk cymbals are spun. Zildjians, Paistes ect... Are cut on a lathe that is similar to a wood lathe. Each " Chuck" is a mandrel with either a concave, or convex surface that matches the cymbal contour front or back . A hand tightened " nut " screws on to the...
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    Is this cymbal damage as bad as it looks?

    I'm a machinist, and latheing won't help a dent. It needs to be hammered by someone who knows what they are doing. I would send it to the lady at 37 Cymbals. She does BEAUTIFUL work.
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    Is this cymbal damage as bad as it looks?

    It doesn't look too bad yet, but it's going to be someday. When cracks do appear use high magnification (microscope )to find the end of the crack, and drill a 1/8th inch hole at the end of the crack. If you hit the end of the crack it will stop. If not it will keep on cracking. If necessary...
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    When You Brought Your First Drum Kit Home, What Was the First Record (song) You Played Along To?

    My first set was cheap junk, but it was something to hit. Ludwig, and Zildjians came several years later. Iron Butterfly, Inagodadavida.
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    What Celebrity Drummer Should Replace You?

    Animal, from the Muppets.
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    Not loving playing drums now.

    You're doing a big head-trip on yourself and you need to stop it . Nothing good will come of it. You could get yourself into a bad situation playing wise. Don't worry that your wife is in the band, or what will happen if you quit. You don't need to be there if you don't FEEL the music. Talk to...
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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    I didn't have anything good to say about Nashville.
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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    Do they still sell RiceaRoni ?
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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    I spent some time in Wyoming when I was young, blasting on 3 Jade claims with my Uncle. Learned how to use dynamite at 12 years old. Sent a picture home of me riding in the back of a pickup truck sitting on a case of dynamite, and my mom had a cow. My Dad, ( Army Ranger) just smiled. Anyway, the...
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    Local drummer passes, and I've been asked to help the widow valuate this Sonor kit from the 90s.

    Look at that wood grain ! I would start at 25 or 26. You don't see wood like that everyday.
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    If You Could Play Drums for One Night with One Group, Who Would It Be?

    Oh man, I really dig that solo ! It took me 2 years to get it right.
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    Mini-rant/Musicians who complement when they shouldn't

    They don't want to be labeled as rude ect... especially in an interview. It could kill their work, and they'd be flipping burgers.
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    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    To me, that can only technically be called music.
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    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    I agree with your "cheesy and robotic" description. My Roland TD50 is a good example. Two ride samples, and both are crappy. They need a 24" A Zildjian, and 22" ping ride. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to make samples.