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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    In regard to the wrap being translucent. Before jumping on the band wagon I ordered a piece of WMP from eBay. A small pc only for $20.00. I used a black lacquered pearl tom. From the picture I posted you could see a pic of the wrap with no backing (translucent) and a pc of a ivory pvc...
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    This is a Dynasonic without the bridge and badge

    Me no think so!!!.... Because if you look at where the badge is missing, the spread of the screw for the badge, is too wide. Furthermore I do not see the difference between the RRing and the body fruit-wood stain. Also missing the interior tag... There is no way to verify its authenticity.
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    Chrome Removal and Replating Services

    I worked in a company that made Faucet. They opened up a Plating section becasue it would make economical sense instead of sending the piece out for plating. For re chroming the process is as such; 1) wire the pieces to a metal frame ( So there is electricity to the piece) 2) Dip into cleaning...
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    Rogers Guru's PLease

    I would be very grateful if you could that. ..
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    Rogers Guru's PLease

    Davo; What you see in my picture is just a bare kit. I removed the white cortex ( was basically cracked all over) and sanded down to remove the glue. Also the toms were "Concert Tom's . ( you could see the hole plugged from the original mount) This is not a Collection kit and I have no...
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    YOU remember correctly.!!! SASA is not a trustworthy company I got a strange response from my inquiry about the big pattern vs the original picture i was getting a quote. I basically was told that I wanted too much and they tried their best. That the wrap in the picture was PVC not Celluloid...
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    Help With First Time ReWrapping

    There are two front in the world of Drum Making. The tape guys and the glue guys. So Who is right and who is wrong? Let's look at the science...... We all know wood contracts and expand with temperature variation. Also different material reacts to this variation differently according to their...
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    Goofy question: Formica as wrap. Anyone pre-cut it?

    I have a sample from precision of White Pearl and Vintage(Aged) white Pearl. The white pearl is .19 mil while the vintage Pearl is .29 Mil. I work with wood and resurface Kitchen Cabinets. I use the Vertical Formica Panel to cover all the frames and such. You would have no problem covering...
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    Rogers Guru's PLease

    Restoring my Holiday I have decide to remove the center tom post and use instead the left Tom Mount bracket. Need to find out if the bracket is a 60 or 75 deg. and where is located in reference to edge distance etc. Making this a Buddy Rich kit so I want to be as close to time/period correct...
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    Got some response from the other source SASA Import. I had asked for the total amount, and a picture of the actual wrap I was buying. Mind you in my previous e-mails I had emphasized the pearl BIG PATTERN. Was very discouraged today to receive an email with the picture of the wrap I was buying...
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    Interior "treatment" on shells...

    Second that. Did that on a restored 72 Luddy..... don't know about sound but boy they really looked classy and..... Shellac is soo easy to put on
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    This is the one I requested and she said was in stock
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    Ok got a quote from Vickie at SASA plastic. 10 sheet minimum. But can mix and match So I chose 4 sheet white pearl with white backing, Black Diamond pearl. 3 sheet and green pearl 3 sheet All big pattern-total $210 + 125 shipping door to door. Size is 700 mm x 1600 mm. .50 mm
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    Finding a Re-plater who can redo my Ludwig Black Beauty Bronze

    Your best bet is to find a plater that deal with Faucets.. They have all the different color, pattern and type of finishes. Normal plater only deal with basic chrome and nickel finishes but black chrome or black nickel are a specialty not everyone has a tank specifically designed for it. And...
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    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    She was not able to tell me when that wrap would be available, however I may have found another source via ALIBABA. Their cost is about $10.00 per sheet ( at least on their web site) but their minimum is 10 sheet. I would not mind buy the 10 sheets and then sell the 5 extra...