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    TAMA Hoop Grip MC8 - How did I miss this thing?

    Seems to be going for $31.99 at Sweetwater tho.. not a bad price compared to Amazon. And a couple of the online retailers have it packaged with the splash arm for around $66-$68.
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    OT: Buying from China

    i buy a fair amout of stuff from China and used to travel there regularly for work. For simple stuff like hardware, home DIY materials, generic or unbranded stuff, I'd say the China goods may range from decent to very high quality. But for anything branded or proprietary, I'd recommend staying...
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    Online whiteboard for bands

    Google itself has got lots of functions that would help in this area. I have been using some of these for conducting online workshops as part of my work. And they are all free to use! First one would be Jamboard. If you have a google account, you can find this when you click the icon of a grid...
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    Newbie here

    Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here.
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    Talk About OT: What's the Farthest You've Ever Traveled From Home?

    I travel regularly between Singapore and North Carolina, at least twice a year. 28-30hr flights have become the norm for me. So longest flight would have to be from Singapore to either Raleigh NC or Vancouver. Longest train ride was 36hrs from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province to Kunming in Yunnan...
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    Amazon deals thread

    Quite a few of the sets seem to be on sale. The Raven series, which I'm looks to be a "turk" style, dryer/trashier style, has a 16/18/20 pack for $139.
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    Getting out of a drum funk

    Try doing some song recording. Either on your own or doing a "virtual band" thing with your band mates. Like most other places, my church stopped services when lockdown started and we transitioned to pre recorded music. Recording my drum parts has helped me to focus on so many other parts of my...
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Their stuff look pretty good. Thanks for the heads up. I'd definitely be interested. Would you be able to comment on the fit of the covers? Did you give exact measurements and are they a very accurate fit or do they tend to be on the loose side?
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    Pearl Jungle Gig JG16 w/Optimount OPT1112, for Bass Conversion *No Longer for Sale*

    Superb deal here! I have one for my 16" floor tom and it works great!
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    Wanted: Sonor Benny Greb Signature Snare

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Benny Greb Sig snare drum. Just hankering for some new to try out and haven't had much luck finding one at a good price online. I have some K Con rides, Meinl Extra Dry Thin crashes and hats, and a couple of snare drums to trade if you're interested. I can...
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    Hi Eren! Welcome to the forum! This forum is a treasure trove of information. I trust you will spend waaay too many hours reading all the interesting threads late into the night. Feel free to ask anything you need. Enjoy!
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    Buying first cajon

    Haha well we obsess over so many technical aspects of drums here. 20 vs 24" kicks, 5" vs 6.5" vs 8" snare depths, how many strands and what material for snare wires. I think there are some similar aspects to cajons. Design and dimensions so affect how deep the bass is, how snappy and bright the...
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    Buying first cajon

    I think your main thing is to decide if you NEED the more electronic type sounds from the Roland cajon, or will you be mainly using the bread and butter kick/snare sounds from an acoustic cajon. Boils down to what type of music you'll be playing. I use the cajon mainly for pop/rock acoustic...
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    Meinl 18" Thin Sand Crash/20" Sand Ride SOLD

    Such a great price! Someone please buy this before I make another impulse purchase...
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Full set of Zildjian K Cons. 14/16/18/20 for $750 + $100. Sounds like a pretty good deal for someone looking for a full set. Might prob be able to save on shipping if you live near Inver Grove Heights, MN to make it an even better deal...