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    Question - Identity & Value of new stamp? K Hi Hats?

    Thanks man! I appreciate the info!
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    Question - Identity & Value of new stamp? K Hi Hats?

    I have not posted for a few years but I have a question about some hi hats my friend just picked up. Any idea what these hi hats are worth? I have a friend who is a bass player who buys vintage music gear and he picked these up recently- I think these are 14 new stamp Ks. Don't have any info...
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    SOLD - 1966 SS Club Date set w/ Matching Jazz Fest - original /excellent

    THESE DRUMS HAVE BEEN SOLD! I have a beautiful complete 1966 Ludwig Silver Sparkle Club Date set with the matching Jazz Fest snare for sale - $1,250. This is a complete set 12 -14 - 20 5X14. The drums are in excellent original condition! There are no cracks, scuffs or seam lift, no extra...
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    BD Ts and Claws Identification Help

    Pretty sure they were chrome plated
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    BD Ts and Claws Identification Help

    Those look like 1950s Gretsch t's and claws - to me.
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    Early Camco Orchestra snare in peacock sparkle

    Rich that is the set I bought.
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    Early Camco Orchestra snare in peacock sparkle

    One of the Peacock snares you pictured used to be mine - I traded in a complete peacock tuxedo set to Steve Maxwell along with some other stuff & $ to get a top hat set. That set was on ebay about 6 or 7 years ago & had a crazy auction that got pulled when the top 2 bidders eventually withdrew...
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    RB Tangerine 3 Ply??

    Gary, I once had a kit from Canada 13-16-18 (original) black nitron - the set was ordered by the man's father in the mid 60's had paper tags in the 65000 range. The 13" tom was a clear interior 3 ply shell with the tag. I will try to find an old picture somewhere on my computer if I can...
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    Quick Opinion Needed: Stock Leedy vs Modified Roundbadge

    I am pretty sure those would be late 1950's drums - I think that you made a good decision too!
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    SOTC 2014 (State of the collection)

    I have been paring down my collection of drum sets - during 2014 I sold my beautiful Rogers Beavertail Mardi Gras set and my beautiful Gretsch Copper Copper Mist progressive jazz set both went to very good homes of drummers / fellow collectors that I know. Also during the year I acquired a...
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    Elvin Jones

    My friend posted this link up on Facebook and I thought that it would be cool to share it here -
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    DJ Fontana gretsch copper mist

    Something that I noticed about the bass drum in the big color picture and it is also seen (if you look close) in the small b / w picture is that there appears to be 2 small knob (hex? headed) Pratt mufflers - one for the each head? At least that is what it looks like to me at about 11 o'clock...
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    Copper Mist Transition 3 ply - 6 ply

    Tommy unfortunately the answer to that question is no, I sold my last and my dearest Rogers set, the beavertail Mardi Gras. It truly was my favorite set but as things go I need to forget about it! :(