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    More recording ?'s What mikes are people using ?

    Most of the home recording I do is with the band playing together. Here's what I normally use: Snare drum: Shure SM57 Smaller toms: Audix D2 Floor toms: Audix D4 Bass drum: Shure Beta 52 Overheads: AKG C 430 That's my regular setup, what I use when the band comes over for practice and we just...
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    Hoping to find a caxixi like this one

    Hey, that's great! Now I know specific brands to look for. Thanks!
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    Hoping to find a caxixi like this one

    I'd like to find a caxixi like the one in this video. The baskets have plastic bottoms, so the sound is much brighter than the typical caxixi. I emailed the fellow who made the video, Justin Curran, and he told me that he's had the caxixi a long time and doesn't remember for sure where it came...
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    Looking for value help with Ludwig Vintage Set- Tampa Fl

    Yep, you are correct. I didn't see the serial number when I looked before.
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    Looking for value help with Ludwig Vintage Set- Tampa Fl

    You're going to get estimates that are all over the place, partly because vintage drum set values have declined dramatically over the past several years. But here's some info that I think will help: In addition to the obvious things that affect value (age, condition, rarity), there are a few...
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    Have You Ever Spotted Counterfeit Drums?

    Interesting article. I know that several years ago Vistalite kits that were in less common colors, especially green, started getting attention and bringing pretty big prices. Then, suddenly, pristine green Vistalites were all over eBay.
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    Show us YOUR hat ..... :)

    I wear my hat indoors and my sunglasses at night.
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    Way OT: Ancestry (DNA) Testing

    I used Ancestry DNA for the genealogical info. I discovered my mother had a brother she'd never known about. And I was able to find my aunt's father, a man she had never met or known. I also discovered that although i have an Irish name, my ancestry is only 15% Irish. :( As for general...
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    In Honor of the DW Acquisition, Lets See Your Slingerland Drum Pics!

    1939 or so Radio King 28/13+snare. They're on the drum shelf right now because i only have room on the floor for one kit at a time, but the RKs are in playable condition.
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    Remote hi hat experiences?

    I used a Gibraltar Ultra-Adjust hi-hat stand several years ago because I wanted to try moving the hats further to the right while leaving the pedal where I was used to. It didn't work out for me because I realized that putting the hats there caused my right forearm to get in the way of my left...
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    Aux. Percussion...

    I have dozens of hand percussion items and am always collecting more. Here are my favorites: Meinl Luis Conte shakers, for sitting in the mix really nicely Schlagwerk Double Shaker, for a crisp, staccato sound that's easy to control Rhythm Tech Live shaker for a big sound that cuts through...
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    The Official 2019 WHITE MARINE PEARL Thread... Post Em' Up!

    A player's kit, 12/14/20, bought here on DFO a few years ago. They're on the shelf right now, but I'll have them back down before too long.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Here we are playing at an event in Lawrence, Kansas a couple of weeks ago, sponsored by Kansas Public Radio and The Retro Cocktail Hour. Very nice event.
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    Anyone drumming after a Cervical Fusion?

    I had a cervical fusion back in '86. It hasn't limited my mobility in any way that I can tell.