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    What are vintage Instanbul K's worth?

    Thanks guys!
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    What are vintage Instanbul K's worth?

    Hey! What do you guys know about these stamps from the 50s? Might be doing a deal with these as partial trade. Any input would be appreciated. In addition to this cymbal there would be a set of 14'' hats in similar condition with same stamp. I believe they are worth about $1000-$1250 in the...
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread Hey I'm selling these Hand Hammered Sabians if anyone is interested. Good price!!
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    Drum Dial R.I.P.

    If you can't tune drums the drum dial is NOT going to help you. After I stretch heads I like to use it to get a gauge or to get an estimate of a drum that is sounding really tasty. I love mine and think it makes tuning quicker but yeah it's still about tappin and tweakin and tappin and...
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    Hornet Drum Sticks!

    Hey thought I would throw this out there. I like most of you have probably had 3-5 hour shows etc and sometimes lay in a little hard depending on the night. I've gotten tendonitus and intersection syndrome in the past. Part of this was my fault (weird stick hit or awkward hold when stick was...
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    Supersensitive 6.5x14 - Value compared to 6.5x14 Supraphonic?

    I've got a 10 lug late 70s Bronze Supraphonic and a 10 Lug late 70s Engraved Brass Black Beauty Supersensitive. If it wasn't for storage (had to get a special case for the BB to protect the mechanism) the Supersensitive is really awesome. it is easier to tune the supersensitve because you can...
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    Awesome original Ludwigs

    Is this a mod orange?
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    Rogers WMP 14'' Floor Tom

    Mine is cleveland with stay tites, beautiful smooth grey and beavers. I LOVE the stay tites. Always hated fiddling with drum keys on my 16'' swivomatic legs. Swivo Floor toms dont like all drum keys.
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    Rogers WMP 14'' Floor Tom

    Hey Rogersoholic! If you are really interested in the 14'' WMP drop me a line at or send me a private message. I am going to re-list my stuff with prices later.
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    Ludwig 3 play Maple/Poplar/Maple

    Sonors would be my favorite drums after American made kits.
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    Ludwig 3 play Maple/Poplar/Maple

    Hey you should be able to see some pics under my profile, they are seriously minty. I have the old double stand but don't like mounting them to the BD. I had listed them for potential sale. Anybody got a virgin BD from the same style? Wish they had never drilled mine, my only complaint on...
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    Need guitar volume boosting advice

    Dunlop pickup booster would be my recomendation. I would classify this baby as a stomp box versus a valume pedal as it is does some nice tricks other than clean gain. It was designed for this application and is a nice transparent high quality pedal that can also "thicken" your sound if...
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    Anyone have an old Guild guitar?

    My buddy has a sweet acoustic Guild from 74 I believe. Think they go for $1200 or so. Nice guitar, not an electric however.
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