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    Nashville- any recommendations for used cymbals?

    I was at Forks about 4-5 weeks ago and they had a great selection. I actually picked up a K Dark Thin crash for well below going rates.
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    Mounted a cymbal stand off my bass this morning.

    I use them as well. They are a great add on to any kit I think.
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    Anderson no longer carries Keller!

    They are still active on IG with drum shell work. Maybe they split the company or something because they did change their IG name all of a sudden.
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    Foot splash / foot chick ostinatos - hi hat stand recommendations.

    I have a speed cobra hi hat (long foot board) and a Tama classic hi hat stand (short foot board). Maybe you have bigger feet than I do but I can splash and accent on either with no problem. Try splashing with your heel while throwing your toes to the outside of the high hat. That's what I do...
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    INDe copper snare

    He posted in the FB thread, it is rolled and welded.
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    Helluva Unboxing Video: Tama Star Maple

    Good for him! I'm sure it was a dream come true without a doubt. Having a shell bank type of thing like that has always appealed to me.
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    INDe copper snare

    If I didn't already have a copper phonic I would be all over this. A sound file or A/B to a copper phonic would be nice though. I am a sucker for INDe stuff for sure.
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    21" Agop Sultan China *SOLD*

    This has sold
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    Meinl 20" .... SOLD.....

    Sold, thank you
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I may have went a little overboard but they all sounded so good I couldn't resist! Lots of other cymbals will be for sale soon. Haha!
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    Snare drum heads

    It would just be very dry and not produce a lot of "snare sound" from the wires. It would probably sound like a modern marching drum I would imagine.
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    Drummers today that still play large kits.

    Kind of surprised there is no mention of Chad Sexton from 311
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    Attaching mini-snare to floor tom

    I would go with the INDe BR3 if you didn't want to drill any new holes and just use an existing lug mount. I'm actually looking at this exact thing but in my case I want the aux snare rim to be flush with the floor tom rim so I need some kind of U shaped bracket to give me more flexibility.
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    Ping-iest ride?

    I'll throw in the A Custom Projection series of rides. I had a 21" for years that had excellent ping, the 21" in that size is the perfect rock ride.
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    INDe launching a new drum business

    The one thing you didn't discuss but I am curious about is this new bed design's effect on sympathetic buzz. Does it improve, stay the same, get worse?