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    Louis Cole Drum Beat Tutorials

    I'm also a big Louis Cole fan. This is a great vid and I love his sense of humor.
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    Cutting an inlay at home.

    Was the top "flattened" or "true'd" at all? Did bolting it to the steel frame make it flat? I only ask because my current DIY router table is sandwiched plywood and it has an ever so slight curve so if I don't pay close attention to where the shell is while routing I have to go back and redo...
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    Shootout Tama HT230 (1st Chair) vs Gibralter 9608 Drum Throne

    If anyone is interested, it looks like they don't make this anymore. Looks like Amazon has a few "base only" options I'm going to snatch one up ASAP!!
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    Trueing an Old Drum Shell

    I've never had it quoted but I would imagine it is more expensive, but if you have an out of round shell I think this is probably the best way to get it back in.
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    Good place to Purchase Triple-flange hoops?

    Yup..... Drum Factory Direct or DFD
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    Drilling Through New Wrap and Shell

    Don't forget to punch reference points into your measurements. But other than that, this is the way to do it. On all the shells I do, I use a 1/16" (I think) brad point bit set up in my drill press then go back around with a step bit. I also come back with a small hand drill and the same step...
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    New Shell drilling

    I just did my first wrap job in 20 years (which was INFINITELY better) and these were my steps. 1. Wrap shell then trim any excess from edges but keep wrap all the way to the edge 2. Sand edges flat so that the shell is square 3. Drill all holes (lugs, vent, strainer/butt, etc.) 4. Route edges...
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    Video on INDe drums

    I can't recommend INDe drums enough. I own two kits now and in the future plan to get a couple snares as well. Anytime I come across someone looking to buy a new kit I always say "INDe".
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    Trueing an Old Drum Shell

    Yes. Usually what a good shop would do is pull the rings and apply "pressure fit" rings. These are a bit thicker and do not require 100 clamps. They actually push the shell out back into round. If you check out Kirsch in the US or Kentville in Australia this is how they do it. Its the best...
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    New snare build

    Yes I did then hand sand them after the fact to get them nice and smooth. I'm still perfecting my snare bed though but the edges look good.
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    New snare build

    Good morning all, Being off work for the last 7 weeks and stuck at home with two kids under 8 has left me with "some" time to get projects finished (my wife is a nursing director so she hasn't really been home in A WHILE!). That being said, I bought a 16 ply 13x5 beech shell from North Custom...
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    Ash shell pack in progress

    That finish is great! What are you using for spray/how many coats?
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    Cutting an inlay at home.

    Looks great! Nice work sir. Side question: is your router table steel? It looks like you may have had it ground flat, if so what are the specs?
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    Got me some new legs.

    It's all up on his site now.
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    First Time Experience w/15” Hi Hats.

    I switched to 15's a couple years ago. My obsession started with 15" Avedis hats. I first heard them online somewhere then played them at PASIC 2017 and that sold me. I actually found a pair for cheap on eBay and snatched them up. They are great but I got sick of carting them back and forth...