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    Notifications trouble

    Thanks Chris. Much appreciated.
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    Notifications trouble

    Hey guys and gals. For some reason, I am not getting my usual email notification when a member sends me a private message. I checked my settings and they haven't changed and appear to be correct. Haven't changed email address or anything like that either. Could use some help please. Thanks...Mike
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    Ludwig Script Wires

    Don't let those missing strands scare ya. These are fantastic wires!!
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    Old Timers

    I was on Harry's old DCI forum and have been here since 2008 I think.
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    Please help to ID 1966 Ludwig Tom wrap

    Does appear to be a faded Black Oyster drum.
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    Your Favorite Stick Bag

    I collect old hand held stick bags that have the handle on the horizontal part of them. As far as a stick bag to hang on a floor tom, I bought a very inexpensive stick bag years ago from a member here. Had my wife cover it in some plastic/vinyl upholstery off of an old 50's kitchen chair . Love...
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    Full set of 60's Zildjian A's

    Good to see you getting these Bun.
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    New old Guy reappears

    Good to see ya back Larry! I don't have time to post much either. But I still check in here daily. Always feels like home. Mike
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    What caused this cymbal damage? Now a second rippled cymbal.

    I've had several 50's As and even a 60's or two with those ripples. They really look wild. Cymbals sounded great though. I too received a cymbal in the mail this week that was packed in a flat box with no bubble wrap. I was shocked when it wasn't damaged....12" Vibra Zanchi splash.
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    Where is W&A Player?

    I think......that when the latest forum software came out, it changed some login/display names. I recall that his might have reverted back to the Leedybdp which did have an issue with it. Howie was back in good standing with the forum and had been for some time though. I think the change just...
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    !!!SOLD!!! First Stamp A Zildjian 15 crash

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    Help dating this zildjian stamp?

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    I bought a 21" Istanbul K at the Chicago show back in May. Very nice sounding cymbal. Should have it with me for the 2020 Chicago show as well. Mike
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    Citrus Mod finished

    Well done Kurt. Very nice!!