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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Amazing finds there Tama CW! Great job. Enjoy!! Mike
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    Not OT: Anita O'Day

    I think the dvd is "The Life of a Jazz Singer". It's a great watch.
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    Sold~~Zildjian Hollow Logo Flat Hats, or Quickbeats?

    These are 14"s?
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    Not OT: Anita O'Day

    Huge Anita fan. Also discovered her here years ago. Here is one of my favorite Anita clips. Zutty Singleton on drums.
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    Not OT: Anita O'Day

    Wow. I think you nailed that. She could do it.
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    St. Paul & The Broken Bones Drum Cam!!!

    That was excellent!! Thanks for sharing. First saw the band on Austin City limits a while back. Was blown away by "Sanctify"! Great playing. Mike
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    George B. Stone 17" batter X 13" Snare / Tenor Drum

    I still have two 17" drums that I use as bass drums. Have had one other. Great size. 17" wooden hoops are hard to find!
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    Free Cymbals

    Wish I was close!
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    march! march!

    Very Levon Helm like there!
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    3 of my 4 Acro's including a 10 Lug Monroe Keystone badge

    Anytime. Always glad to help when I can.
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    3 of my 4 Acro's including a 10 Lug Monroe Keystone badge

    No, the Black Galaxy Acrolites are usually Black/White badge models. They were made in Monroe. Most of the more modern Black/White badge drums were imports, but not the Black Galaxy Acrolites (Blacros). I think this silver badge was also used on the Birch Series drums from the late 90's...also...
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    KB Supraphonic/Acrophonic? finally finished IMAGES ADDED

    Way to see that one through to the end! Or really beginning of it's new life. Well done!
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    3 of my 4 Acro's including a 10 Lug Monroe Keystone badge

    Nice finds! The silver badge 10 lug model is supposedly a late 90's issue. I've got one and a few other friends do as well. Nice snares.
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Just did a cymbal deal with Sinclair and also Hoochymama. Excellent on both accounts. Well described, packed well and shipped quickly. Thanks guys! Mike
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    What are these 3 red drums in CL listing for $100?? - 18" Ludwig keystone virgin kick - original. Purchased new! UPDATED with PHOTOS.

    It does look a lot like Bronze mist to me as well. Here is a decent pic of the finish on a Dec 11 1965 Club Date tom that I have. Mike