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    Yamaha Stage Custom hip snare 13 x 5 Raven Black

    Does anyone have one for sale?
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    That's late 90's
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    Advice on which round drum throne to get…

    Roc n Soc
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    Gretsch USA Bop Kit: additional drums or Broadkaster Bop Kit?

    Does the converted ( and cut down? ) 18" floor tom have 10 lugs per side?
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    Cymbal stand with 1" diameter bass pipe

    You need something the size of a DW 9000. Old Tama Titan, etc. Top of the line models that will have the 1 1/8" bases that you will need to insert your 1" pipe into.
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    DW heavy duty double tom stand

    List for $200 on ebay or best offer. Free shipping. Take $175 when it is offered.
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    Slingerland guys - your opinions please

    Chrome. The blue is way off.
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    Need to ID these lugs

    MD Tony Thompson issue. 12/85
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    Need to ID these lugs

    There is an ad in an 80's MD. But I can't seem to find it. This the best that I can provide right now.τom-set-with-stand-tom008001.html
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    Yes or No, Bass Drum Pillows

    Great bass drum sound signal chain = Pinstripe > pillow > ported Ambassador. I don't want a concert bass drum under my pedal.