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    Buyer Beware - Cheap Aluminum Hoops

    Nowhere. Not made. Holes are drilled. It's the excess chrome plating that isn't punched through sometimes. A punch or even a pencil will accomplish it.
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    Hi Hat Cymbal Sizes...What's your preferred hi hats size ?

    13" K/Z. Always and forever.
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    Gretsch Renown Hoops

    Do the "302" hoops on the Renowns feature the "gretsch 302" logo? I can't find any photos showing the logo.
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    Question about this 9x13" Slingerland tom

    I think it looks original. Is this one centered?
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    Finding a Re-plater who can redo my Ludwig Black Beauty Bronze

    Can you still see the scratch?
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    PDP two legged swivel hi-hat stand

    The pedal can't be lower than the legs. I think that's the problem. Raise it a hair.
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    Neil Peart Cowbell Tree Project Part 1

    Replace the Rock with a Mambo and you're golden.
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    vintage sonor snare drum - need help asap

    It's Sonor. COB. I just bought one yesterday.
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    What is the Quality of Heads from DFD

    Only the 2 ply heads have that description.
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    Can't find a decent box to ship a snare drum for restoring

    Walmart moving box. 16x16. Perfect for snares. Cut down as needed.
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    Anyone else having issues with the USPS right now?

    On the other hand. I just received a Fedex ground package that arrived a day ahead of schedule. Delivered in a UHaul truck. On Sunday.
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    Anyone else having issues with the USPS right now?

    I have been waiting for 3 weeks for a Priority Mail package sent from IL. I'm in OH.
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    By-Tor and the Snow Dog