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    Yamaha birch custom absolute snare

    Very nice yamaha bca 5.5x14 snare. Looking for a deeper 6” or more snare. I have too many 5” and 5.5” deep snare. I need more depth :).
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    Gretsch Brooklyn standard snare

    Yes that one.
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    Gretsch Brooklyn standard snare

    I have an excellent condition Brooklyn standard snare (it’s the relatively new model created for Mike Johnson) with the tube lugs and internal muffler. It’s an awesome drum, but I would like something deeper. Looking to trade for a 14x6.5 Gretsch Brooklyn or other model snare or a Yamaha hybrid...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    That is a surprise. I used to work up the road from the zildjian factory and would often see Paul taking walks around lunchtime. I was so tempted to pull over and fanboy out, having seen him in so many product vids over the years.
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    Now This Is A Drum Solo !

    Beast of a player.
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    Yamaha hybrid maple

    Looking for a Yamaha AHM snare in red autumn or gloss black and/or a 14” floor Tom in red autumn. Thanks.
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    How to get past a prejudice

    Just go get a Mapex Saturn. . . ducks and runs for cover.
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    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    Gotta give DCP credit for being willing to take it on the chin and participate in this thread.
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    OT: Your Favorite Schwarzenegger Movie

    Terminator 2. Greatest movie of all time. The Last Stand is also good to see Ahnold as an old dude still kicking a$$. Really though, I love all his movies.
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    Two rack toms-ride cymbal placement

    I don’t like the offset tom setup. I set my ride just above the second rack tom high enough that I can crash it and it won’t hit the drum.
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    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    Love the finish.
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    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    The floor tom is one of my favorite aspects. I find it incredibly easy to tune. I think it is a combination of the aluminum die cast hoops and the extra vent holes. A standard 2 ply over single ply head combo works super easy for a deep resonant thud. I am really surprised by how taken with...
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    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    Late to the party here, but I have been obsessed with the AHM since picking up a kit on clearance at GC about a month ago. The sound is incredible and the build quality is what you’d expect from Yamaha (ignore the o rings, which I typically hate in the pics, I was experimenting). One other point...
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    Vinnie Appice

    He popped up in my YouTube feed last week and I thoroughly enjoyed a dive down the rabbit hole of old videos of him playing dio tracks. On a side note apparently he is now endorsing sawtooth drums and chromacast hardware. Those Appice brothers will endorse anything.
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    Pearl Session Studio Classic

    10, 12, 14, 16, 20. Excellent condition. I am in MA and right now and am looking for a local sale (or one in reasonable driving distance). $750. Also open to trades for other drums cymbals. Thanks for looking.