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    Ludwig chrome plating rumor

    Until the late ‘80s they were not playing Supras properly, which was why the chrome peeled off all the time. To plate aluminum, you have to plate copper, then nickel then chrome. Plating chrome directly to aluminum doesn’t work, same for steel. Beyond that, I couldn’t say.
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    I got me a big ol' pre-war brass Ludwig snare, today.

    Sounds cool! I am building a kit from old Pearl Export shells (late 90’s, maple), had trouble finding a bass shell. Found a 28 x 14 marching bass and said, “Why not?”. They’ll know it’s ME playing by God..!
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    Thoughts on Craviotto kits

    If you can afford it, go for it; who needs two kidneys anyway? Never heard anything bad about Craviotto except you can’t pick up any of their stuff at Walmart…
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    Undecided between these two kits, please help me decide

    If you are happy, you’re getting the right kit! Enjoy!
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    Why you soulless reprobate; get off your drum throne and get a bass guitar. Then hang your head in shame. Nah. It’s Ok, I haven’t tried any Charlie Watts or Joe Morello either and can only do some of Ringo’s simpler stuff. Having fun playing is all that’s really important.
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    What's Your Approach to Playing in a Tribute Band?

    I avoid playing in them so as not to defame the original band or water off their fans. Rotten eggs are murder to clean off of cymbals, see and—
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    What makes a good drummer?

    Simple: the love of playing. With that (and a sufficient budget to acquire what you need to start) you will rise to your ability. You can start playing a plastic pail with a couple sticks of any kind. For instance, after a long hiatus, I started with a pair of ProMark Oak 7As (chosen only...
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    Name the best “replacement” drummer

    Me, when I sit in for some of the local bands like, The Basket Cases, The Wannabes, The Never Were, The Couldn’t Get A Gig If We Paid The Venue,
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    13" Snare Drums

    The Pearl Omar Hakim Signature 13 x 5 is a real gem and can be tuned to sound like anything short of a field snare.
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    Direct To Shell Tom Mounting

    I've played both and can't say I've heard a decisive difference myself. A couple YouTube videos I've seen did demonstrate some noticeable differences. For my own part, I prefer Pearl OptiMounts over DTS but couldn't sustain a long, heated, objective, debate on the matter.
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    Why does no one sell their Jenkins Martin / Blaemire drums?

    I just heard of them for the first time reading this post. I'll see if I can find some sound samples and expect the answer will get obvious quickly.
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    Poll: Vintage Drums vs Modern Drums

    Frankly, I find vintage drums only offer the cachet of being a collectible item, but do not off a superior sound except at the throne. I played both an early '50s Rogers kit and a real 1927 Black Beauty, engraved, Ludigold HW, original calf heads and gut snares. It sounded like a great brass...
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    How much does the shell material and construction contribute to a drum's sound?

    Shell thickness and depth are your main factor. Shell material matters at the throne, but any audience won’t hear it. Unless you record close miked, you lose a lot of timbre through an A/V system as well. Like jazz, if it sounds good (to you) it is good.
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    Classic Maple 22" Ludwig CRAP

    It sounds like you have a drum that needs to be trued up (ensuring the edges of the shell are cut exactly 90° to the walls of the shell), then have new edges cut. I’ve had brand new drums that needed one or both done. One was a Black Beauty no less, I had to send back for a replacement. It...
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    The last of the GOATs

    Well I’m 66 and still around; does being an OLD GOAT count..?