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    Buddy Rich in COLOR- 1943!!!

    He didn’t start playing a ride cymbal until ‘48 or so.
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    Buddy Rich in COLOR- 1943!!!

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    Your thoughts on new ASBA drums?

    The first ASBA kit I saw, years ago, online was a chrome kit. Wonder if a kit in chrome will be offered some time.
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    Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous is the Greatest Live Album Ever! What's in Second Place?

    Live at Leeds, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Allman Bros...saw Thin Litzy live and all I remember about it was that I went; music was completely forgettable.
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    Buddy Rich 1941!!

    “Las Vegas Nights - The Last Frontier Town” - filmed Nov-Dec ‘40, released 24 March ‘41. Dave Tough was riding his china in early ‘40, at the latest, so some musicians were riding before rides, as we know them, were produced.
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    Something We've Never Discussed About Buddy

    27 April ‘75, not ‘73. Shea Stadium, Yankees vs Brewers, 41, 493 in attendance.
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    How to install Zildjian rivets

    All good and well to discuss how to put rivets in a cymbal. The question then becomes where? I took two 20 rides to Pro Drum in Hollywood. On one, Stan put three, evenly spaced and on the other (which I use as a left side ride) he put in a cluster of three. I watched him work and asked about the...
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    What did Max Roach do?

    “Take Five” was recorded 1 July 1959.
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    What did Max Roach do?

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    basie band

    Leon Thomas’ Spirits Known And Unknown LP was done in the studio but there was a small audience so it qualifies, I guess. That album grabbed me more than Sinatra’s Live At The Sands - if we’re talking live male vocal. Joe Williams and Basie live, anywhere, would get me more than Sinatra in front...
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    What ride for big band?

    From the (‘58?) “Avedis Zildjian Cymbal Set-Ups Of Famous Drummers” Rich-19 med Bellson-20 med Lamond-20 med Woodyard-18 med sizzle Lewis-20 med hvy Sperling-22 med hvy Payne-20 med Shaughnessy-22 med Igoe-20 med McKinley-20 med Stoller-17 med hvy Gus Johnson-20 med Osie Johnson-20 med...
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    When Buddy Played Fibes

    Here’s the chronology: Spring ‘60-Spring ‘67...Rogers Spring ‘67-Fall ‘67...Trixon/Vox Fall ‘67-End ‘67...Fibes Jan’68-‘78...Slingerland ‘78-‘83...Ludwig ‘83-‘86...Radio King
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    Rich Vs. Roach: Who won?

    Joe Morello said, “Max played very well. But, then, Buddy drew him into a trap and, of course, Max is not equipped for that; he doesn’t play that way. As much as I respect what they’re doing, it makes a contest out of playing the drums. It lacks musicality. I mean, it’s nice to have two drummers...
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    Something We've Never Discussed About Buddy

    Jack Sperling wore a rug, usually. Hampton either had a rug or took a spray can to his head.