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    Hired gun question

    It’s the artist’s name on the album cover and the concert hall. Unless he/she hired you specifically for your sound, then play the equipment they want you to play, or there likely is someone else who will.
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    Drummer autographs

    Steve Smith, Louie Bellson, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Neil Peart.
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    Summit vs. N&C

    The finish options and the in-house hardware sets N&C above others. They set the bar for solid shell snares, IMO, not to mention their ply snares. They also have a long tradition. They use the same equipment to make their snares today that they used in the 1860s. They really make “modern...
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    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    Of course he’s a good drummer. It’s perfectly OK if you do not care for the music (I don‘t) but still respect the playing.
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    What would you do?

    I am a very lucky man - my wife knows that drums are part of the package with me. She understands how important they are to me. A couple of years ago, I went through a major bout with depression and anxiety. My wife knew something was very wrong because during that period I stopped playing my...
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    Nicko Mcbrain's Drumming

    I saw them on their last tour, 2019. Nicks was fantastic and non-stop. What a great band, truly at the top of their game. I’ve got his Paiste Signature Ride - best rock ride I have ever played.
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    How low (volume) can you go?

    A lot of drummers, IMO, just don't realize they are hitting so hard. After a while, the heavy hitting becomes unmusical, at least to me. I try to play with dynamics - listening to the rest of the band. Sure, there are times when we just rock out and really lay into a song. Just not on EVERY...
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    Noble and Cooley Horizon ***SOLD *****

    Great drum, great price, great guy to buy it from!
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    Drum Solo Time

    It takes guts to play a drum solo - it is really putting yourself out there. I will say this one went on a few minutes longer than it should have - who is the drummer? Doesn’t look familiar to me.
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    Live From My Drum Room With Ash Soan!

    This is great. I only discovered him a year or so ago when I came across a snare tuning video he did. He's got such a great touch on the drums and seems like such a great person. Heck of a combination there.
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    Lug Gaskets- Yes or No

    Some drummers don’t like the look of the gaskets. Personally, I never noticed until someone pointed it out to me. I’m in the minority for sure, but I like the look. I have never been able to tell any difference in sound or resonance.
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    What is your favorite badge ?

    Slingerland cloud badge.
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    PWR\UP Album

    I love this album - very solid from start to finish. 12 songs, 42 minutes - it’s a rocker for sure.
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    George Hooks hold on to your kippah

    Thanks for posting - I have been looking for this one but never knew what his name was. So fun to watch him play.