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    Going to see Pineapple Thief SAT in CLE

    I saw him play at a Modern Drummer Festival some years back. Truly an amazing drummer and a heck of a nice guy.
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    Billy Cobham

    What an inspiration he is. During the pandemic, I did a lot of extensive listening through his catalog. What a treasure.
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    My band, The Real Thang’s new promo video

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    Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare Side

    Sounds pretty good to me! Nice playing.
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    What Did the Rush Duo Think of Primus Playing "A Farewell to Kings" Live?

    I was going to go see this show in CT when the pandemic hit, and everything was cancelled. I did not catch them when they came back around and was sorry to have missed it. What a great tribute. I remember when Primus opened for Rush on the Roll the Bones tour. Great stuff!
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    Love for my Supralite

    I had one for a while - very nice drums and can surely be a workhorse snare.
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    My New N&C Drums!

    Congratulations, those are beautiful drums! If you like the way they sound now, just wait a few months while they settle in a bit - they will just get better and better.
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    Drummers that are NOT gear-centric?

    I just have never understood how people can just trash their gear like the OP mentioned. It just makes no sense to me, and it's just poor technique, IMO. At a certain point, it's just not musical. I totally understand hitting hard, and playing larger stages might dictate that, even with a fully...
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    Nothin' like a great shuffle...

    I love playing shuffles - took me years to be able to play them with confidence and conviction. They are among my favorite grooves in all their various forms.
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    Inde Drum Lab / Your thoughts?

    Nothing but good things from what I have seen and heard. That blue is a beautiful finish.
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    Small Kit Drummers in Classic Rock

    Phil Rudd.
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    SOLD Noble & Cooley 14X18 Walnut Bass Drum

    Doesn’t get any better than N&C walnut! Just stunning!
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    Will Calhoun

    I saw him with LC when they first hit with Vivid and have been a fan ever since. He has become a true master of the instrument - one of the greats, IMO.
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    Admins please delete thread

    Wow! These snares are the Crown Jewels of any collection, and each will be just like new.
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    Mike Mangini.

    He’s not playing a solo in this show either. That’s fine though - there didn’t seem to be an appropriate place for it in this set list.