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    bass beater head

    Here ya go.
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    bass beater head

    I haven't spent any time thinking about this, but I would like your information. I drilled a hole in a golf ball and am now using it as a bass pedal beater. It has good weight and rebound. I put a small patch of mole skin on the head just as a protection, but I don't know that it was...
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    When should I change my bass batter head?

    That patina comment was a joke. There are no dents in the head and my beater drives off the head, its a titleistjust fine.
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    I would get it, but it clashes with my pasty white complexion.
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    When should I change my bass batter head?

    But see, if I change the head, I'll lose all that "sound patina" that everyone tries to get. Besides, I would have no idea what head to get to replace it.
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    Question about traditional grip

    to determine the type of stick I like I used rubber bands. I put a tight rubber band at the neck close to the tip and used it like that for a week. Then I put the band at the butt of the stick for a week. Then used the same stick naked for a week. Ghost notes were my unintentional decider...
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    Perception of Sound Between Brands

    I play my Rogers set and know the sound. I played DW and thought it had no tone but a great dead sound. I bought a Mapex Rebel set and thought they sounded just like Phil Collins epic two beat tom run, hollow tubes. (I had to google to find the name Phil Collins).
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    When should I change my bass batter head?

    My bass batter head is a "soundmaster". I have no idea how old it is, nor do I know how good/bad it sounds or if a new head would change the sound. Any input?
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    Question about traditional grip

    To answer your question: you can try a rubber band. Wrap it 6 or 7 times around the stick to get it tight, then shove it to your fulcrum point. If it doesn't work for you take it off, throw it away and forget I said anything. no harm no foul.
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    Tell me what to buy to record my drums

    I want to record my drums for my own home use. I don't have much money. I have a couple of mics. I have a laptop and I have Audacity. What do I need? What can I buy really cheap? My cheap is not your cheap. I mean CHEAP. One mic is a Electro Voice 644 with a 1/4" plug. The other has...
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    WHATS Your Next drum/music related Upgrade/Purchase?

    I have a couple of mics. I need to buy the thing that I plug them into so that I can then plug in to the laptop to get into Audacity.
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    WHATS Your Next drum/music related Upgrade/Purchase?

    That's why all really good drummers buy a 97 Chrysler mini-van.
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    OT: let's see your high mileage vehicles

    I recently said good-bye to the 85 but still have the 86 Toyota MR2. The recent 2000 mile trip wasn't as pleasant as it used to be but that's me not the car.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I have a set of Ludwig marching quads. I use them for what they were built for. One is a trash container, one is for holding my practice violin, two are holding assorted drum parts. All the lugs were broken. by design. by an incompetent drum company.
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    To build a music venue

    I am posting this with the thought that it may be useful to someone on this forum. The hotel/motel owners in my county needed some help keeping their businesses profitable. They had the state government pass a tourism tax. Everyone that spends a night in a motel/hotel pays this tax. That...