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    I bought a bunch of maple sticks from china because they are cheap (4 pair for $9) and because I knew I was going to be practicing rim shots (its been so long, I forgot how). I bought 7a but the guy selling them sells the same stick as a 5a also, they are actually a 6a, which was good for me...
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    Cymbal Cleaning

    Talking about Simichrome, how many cymbals can be done with the small tube? It's 1.75 oz for $11, the tub is 8 oz for $25.
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    Confession of a drum snob.

    To me it's not about being a snob, it's just that I bought my Rogers in 64 and have never thought about, lusted after nor wanted anything else.
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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    My Rogers powertone has always had the perfect sound for me.
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    Helluva weekend

    Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
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    Vistalites - what should a buyer watch out for?

    took me a while to get it. ha.
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    I remember when the agent called and told us to not wear our suits because we were playing a college town club( we wore stage suits). We talked about what we should wear and it was difficult. Each night we had to say what we would be wearing the following night. We played our music but part...
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    Are You a Bad Drummer? Nashville Bass Player Exposes Tell Tale Signs

    Just listen to the theme for Big Bang Theory.
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    How do you NOT lose your drum key?

    I got one with my drums. I has Rogers stamped on it. I've never owned another. I had one. Last year though I bought several just to have. I still have all the Craftsman tools I bought in 63. I don't lose much. A guy set in on my drums one night and asked for my drum key. I still laugh...
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    When merging my cocktail kit with my Rogers, they add 8,10 and 15 toms. As they are tuned higher, they sound like timbales and add Latin abilities. I enjoy the difference in tones.
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    oil on wire brushes

    This is what I wiped off my new wire brushes that came from China. I think that might have turned my white heads ugly. These $4 brushes are nice though. Thick rubber handles are comfortable compared to my old skinny aluminum tubes and the gauge of wire seems finer, makes a nice sound. I also...
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    Old Friends Cleaned Up

    May I touch them? Beautiful.
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    Drum heads for jazz drums

    If you have the same heads top and bottom, when you find the top head sliced just before you go on, you can flip the drum and continue. This is high school we're talking about right? And this is why you will always carry white duct tape. and a $12 extra bass pedal.
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    Band Member Dust Ups

    You have a great memory. I also played Indiana Beach but don't remember the year, probably 63 or 64. We were from Marion and remember we didn't like the drive back. The crowds there were cool with a lot of single girls,,,,I was at an age to notice that. Fort Wayne also had a teen-age club...