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    Slingerland Set-O-Matic: Worth the Hassle?

    This video doesn’t prove anything about the setomatic it only proves that the drummer didnt setbthe drums up correctly.
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    GONE 20" Bosphorus Master Vintage flat ride - really

    Hey Alistair! Welcome!
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    Largest kit ( number of drums) that you regularly giiged.

    5 piece with 3 cymbals and a couple of cowbells for a Latin jazz gig.
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    When do you know you're ready to Gig?

    As soon as they open this place back up I’ll be ready. Ive been practicing my 3 and 4 stroke rolls on my practice pad so I can sound more like Buddy Rich.
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    Slingerland Set-O-Matic: Worth the Hassle?

    I like the Super Setomatic, the single setomatic and even the stubby double one. They are al useful especially if you have a variety of drums. They don’t choke the sound.
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    Do Paiste Mellow Over Time?

    I think they all do.
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    More Rosewood goodness!

    That’s the prettiest rosewood in my eye!
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    How many cymbals do you really need?

    3 2 hihats and a ride.
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    Slingerland finish question

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    Bosphorus Wide Ride and Dark Hats $375 shipped

    I have a wide ride. Very versatile cymbal. To me it is like the ultimate “medium ride”.
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    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Its always that balance of “what will work?“/“what do I want to carry?”
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    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    I think drag-and-roll might have been the first “jazz” beat.
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    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    Check it out.
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    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    Yea. Check out the video linked above. The discussion has veered!! We also discussed open and close remember!? Here’s a video about open and closed.
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    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    This is interesting. Im not sure exactly what you are thinking here but there is a relationship between the flam and the double stroke roll. Not in sound, they sound very different, but in the strokes that are used. The flam is the sound of two strokes hitting almost at the same time but not...